The Retreat Spa

A geothermal paradise of timeless wellbeing.

About the spa

Covering 2300 square meters and surrounded by the Retreat Lagoon, this subterranean sanctuary embodies the inspiring interplay of nature, design, and the radiant powers of geothermal seawater. Encompassing multiple experience areas, the spa journey culminates with the Blue Lagoon Ritual, bringing you into harmony with the nourishing wonders of the volcanic earth.

Experience the luxury

From ISK 89 000

Five unforgettable hours featuring unlimited access to the Retreat Spa, the Retreat Lagoon, and the Blue Lagoon.

What's included

5 hour exclusive entry to the Retreat Spa for two guests

  • Retreat Spa

  • Retreat Lagoon

  • The Blue Lagoon Ritual

  • The Blue Lagoon

  • Private changing room (accommodates up to two guests)

  • Skincare amenities

  • A drink of your choice

  • Access to the Spa Restaurant

  • Access to 8 experience areas

The Blue Lagoon Ritual

The pinnacle of the spa journey. In a cavernous space of three interconnected chambers, you commune with the Blue Lagoon’s trinity of bioactive treasures—silica, algae, and minerals—becoming one with nature’s transformative elements.

About the Ritual

Lava Cove

Hidden in the heart of the Retreat Spa, this ultra-private suite features a mineral-rich lagoon, wood-burning fireplace, dining area, kitchen, and butler. Whether you’re coming with a partner or a group, Lava Cove is a luxurious revelation.

Discover Lava Cove

Blue Lagoon

Sensational cuisine

From traditional Icelandic classics to Michelin-starred gourmet creations, fine dining at Blue Lagoon is born of the finest, freshest local ingredients.

Retreat Spa map

Explore the spa’s multiple dimensions.

Map of the Retreat Spa

The Retreat - Blue Lagoon Norðurljósavegur 11 240 Grindavík Iceland Show on map

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