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Blue Lagoon Psoriasis Treatment

Our treatment is based on the natural therapeutic powers of Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater.


In a private lagoon at Silica Hotel, guests bathe in geothermal seawater—a resource with scientifically proven healing benefits. Supervised by a nurse and a dermatologist, geothermal bathing is followed by UVB narrowband light therapy and the Blue Lagoon treatment products of Blue Lagoon skin care.


The efficacy of Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater for treating psoriasis has been confirmed through decades of research. Our archive of academic papers contains extensive documentation about the history, science, and potency of Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatments.


With first class facilities, a warm and welcoming team, and enchanting volcanic surroundings, Blue Lagoon is an exceptional location for healing, comfort, and relaxation.

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Wonderfully healing

I can say from personal experience that it is a wonderfully healing, relaxing, and gorgeous place. I have memories and new friends from an unexpected new place. With all of your needs being provided, and the opportunity to swim and soak in the fabulous Lagoon made up of sea water and geothermal water, your worries, aches and flakes all seem to melt away. The staff at the Blue Lagoon and the people of Iceland are beautifully genuine and friendly. - Vickie Dowling

Delighted at the condition

Dear Esther, Brooke and I made it back to California on time last night. We are a bit tired, but delighted at the condition of Brooke's skin! Her back, arms, chest, scalp and stomach are all clear. Her legs are much better and nearly clear. She is tanned and looking beautiful. She is so happy and thankful. Everyone at the Clinic was just wonderful and made our stay very enjoyable. We will let you know how she does in the future. We are so hopeful that her skin remains clear. - Mark and Brooke (from USA)

Everything was absolutely perfect

I just wanted to tell you that me and my two friends had an excellent stay at the Clinic. Everything was absolutely perfect. The room was lovely, the whole building was amazing, the breakfast was very good and all the staff we spoke to were extremely nice. We hope to stay with you again sometime. - Zee (from UK)

Comfort, companionships and caring

I feel so grateful and happy to have been a part of this clinic for three weeks. Psoriasis can be lonely and exhausting, but here there is comfort, companionships and caring. Added to the ingredients of the lagoon, there is healing here. Each one of you added your personal touch to create a rare blend of grace and intimacy, professionalism and warmth. I feel I have found my second home and look forward to being here with all of you and the kisill (silica mud) next year. - Barbara Senchak (from New Jersey)

Psoriasis spots disappeared

I have had psoriasis for several years and therefore been an occasional guest at Blue Lagoon Clinic. Last year I consulted with a doctor and nurses at the clinic who suggested I should bathe more intensively for several weeks. It was not until then when I started to notice significant improvements on my skin. I was amazed to see how the psoriasis spots started to disappear and I finally became convinced that the Blue Lagoon treatment really works. I recently started the treatment again after a few months break and I'm already seeing the spots fade away. I enjoy the time that I spend at the clinic, the atmosphere is homey and the staff is really friendly. - Guðmundur Kr. Guðmundsson

The products work

I have a slight psoriasis problem. After a long search to find products to help my skin condition, a friend who visited Iceland that year, told me about the Blue Lagoon. Anxiously I've ordered some products and I can only say that they work. Still I can only use non-perfumed products, but my problem is under control. THANK YOU! - Petra Holland (from Germany)

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