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In-Water Massage

Relaxing. Revitalizing. Euphoric.

A unique experience

Unifying the dynamic pleasures of massage therapy, the revitalizing powers of geothermal seawater, and the otherworldly beauty of the Blue Lagoon’s volcanic landscape, in-water massage unlocks new vistas of wellbeing for your mind, body, and spirit.

Relaxing Massage

Suspended in the soothing warmth of a secluded expanse of the Blue Lagoon, you float on the tranquil waters of a wonder of the world. Your massage—deep, relaxing, and conducted with Blue Lagoon mineral massage oil—is a wonder unto itself.

30 minutes
ISK 15 900
60 minutes
ISK 24 900

Signature Massage

The ultimate expression of the Blue Lagoon in-water experience, our 120-minute Signature Massage recharges your mind and leaves our body cleansed, nourished, and radiant.

120 minutes
ISK 49 900

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