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Meeting & Dining Rooms at Blue Lagoon Iceland

Combining a majestic landscape and organic architecture, Blue Lagoon provides an inspiring, enchanting backdrop for events of all kinds.

Private. Exclusive. Exquisite.

Combining a volcanic landscape, organic architecture, and timeless design, Blue Lagoon Iceland is an inspiring backdrop for events of all kinds.

We have four exquisite, multifunctional spaces equipped with cutting-edge technology and configurable for comfort, concentration, celebration, and fine dining. Throughout your event, the Blue Lagoon’s majestic waters are always just a step away, making for an effortless and exhilarating enhancement to your itinerary.

Þorbjörn fundarsalur

Thorbjörn Hall

Spacious, welcoming, advanced, versatile. With luxurious furnishings, state-of-the-art technology, seating for up to 72 guests, and hypnotic views of the Blue Lagoon, this multifunctional sanctuary embodies the fusion of warm comfort and timeless sophistication. Whether you’re hosting a banquet, a digital conference, Thorbjörn Hall is a uniquely extraordinary location for both pleasure and productivity.


Default layout: Meeting layout (cabaret): 36 PAX - Dining layout: 72 Pax

  • 2x 98” Screens

  • Meyer Sound system

  • 2x Cameras NC 12x80 Optical Zoom

  • Usb-c og HDMI to connect computer

  • Wireless connections for computers with Airserver or Teamsroom

  • Podium mic

  • Wireless mic

  • Sennheiser – ceiling array microphone

  • Mic for the audience or board meeting setup

  • Touch Screen wall mount to control the room

  • Touch Screen Logithech to control Teams meetings

Eldey meeting room

Perfectly suited for board meetings and small events, Eldey—named for the tiny island 16 km off the coast of southwest Iceland—can accommodate up to 16 guests. With a large table, luxurious leather seating, seamlessly integrated technology, and elegant decor, this spacious room is calibrated for productivity and inspiration.

Default layout: Boardroom - 16 pax


  • 84” touch screen with HD resolution

  • Sound system

  • Lounge

  • WIFI

Svartsengi Dining room

A private sanctuary of gourmet pleasures, Svartsengi accommodates groups of 12 to 16 guests. With luxurious seating and multicourse menus from our signature restaurants, this intimate room is an optimal location for experiencing the delights of Blue Lagoon cuisine.

Lava Lounge

Conceived for socializing and informal gatherings, Lava Lounge is a place of communal comfort and enchanting views. Clean lines, elegant furnishings, and warm light make this space a richly fulfilling, highly relaxing location for private celebrations. Equipped with a flatscreen display, the lounge is also an exceptional destination for enjoying televised sporting events.

Enhance your event with fine dining

Our catering team, provided at your discretion, will ensure that your guests remain refreshed, fulfilled, and energized. If you choose the group dining experience, your event will feature the stunning gourmet innovations of Moss Restaurant or the sublime Icelandic classics of Lava Restaurant, creating a sensational culinary journey in a uniquely intimate setting.

The Moss Experience

Opened in April, 2018, Moss Restaurant offers 5- and 7-course set menus that take guests on a gourmet journey where purity, tradition, and reinvention are the hallmarks of an unforgettable feast.

Transposing the sensational culinary innovations of the Moss experience to the luxurious privacy of Thorbjörn Hall or the refined ambiance of Svartsengi, our group dining option is unique, intimate, and exclusive—a one-of-a-kind occasion featuring the timeless pleasures of Moss’s Michelin-recommended creations.

The Lava Experience

Serving Icelandic culinary classics created from the finest, freshest local ingredients, Lava Restaurant is a hallmark of the Blue Lagoon experience. With private dining, your group will enjoy the savory pleasures of Lava cuisine in a setting both elegant and intimate.

From canapés and cocktails to pre-dinner and multicourse menus, your event can be configured for simple occasions or elaborate celebrations.

You may also choose to forego the privacy aspect of your occasion and enjoy your meal in the delightful atmosphere of Lava Restaurant, where double-height windows and organic architecture create an enchanting setting for a communal feast.

The interplay of concentration and relaxation

The interplay of concentration and relaxation endows any event at Blue Lagoon with fantastic possibilities for productivity and enjoyment. The transition from interior to exterior—from work to play—becomes as simple as entering the lagoon, where stress and exhaustion dissolve in the revitalizing warmth of the mineral-rich waters.

Likewise, the Retreat Spa unlocks the door to a subterranean paradise of radiant wellbeing, bringing guests into harmony with the skin-nourishing wonders of the volcanic earth. The spa journey is one of the pinnacles of the Blue Lagoon experience and makes for a spectacular enhancement to any private event.

Host a special occasion at a wonder of the world

If you’re interested in hosting a special occasion at Blue Lagoon Iceland, our sales team will happily assist you. Together we can organize an event that is memorable, productive, and inspirational. Send an email to or call us at +354 420 8800