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Our range of wellness experiences is your ticket to a timeless world of warmth, wonder, and wellbeing. 

Retreat Spa etiquette

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  • In-Water Massage

    30-60 minutes

    Soothing, full-body massage that’s unique to Blue Lagoon. Relaxation, tranquility, and restoration in a calming environment.

    Price from ISK 19 900 per person

  • Signature In-Water Massage

    120 minutes

    Enjoy the benefits of silica, our signature element, which is unique to the Blue Lagoon. The massage includes a salt scrub and body wrap.

    Price from ISK 49 900 per person

  • Add-on: Silica Salt Scrub

    30 minutes

    Only as an in-water massage add-on. Cleansing scrub that leaves your skin smooth, glowing, and revitalized.

    Price from ISK 31 900 per person

  • Solo Float Therapy

    45 minutes

    Float in the Blue Lagoon while enjoying a gentle massage and feel weightless and rested. Alleviates stress, rests joints.

    From ISK 24 900

  • Couple’s Float Therapy

    45 minutes

    A shared experience of floating while enjoying a gentle massage. There’s one float therapist per couple. Floating alleviates stress and rests joints.

    ISK 19 900 per person

  • Group floating—Samflot

    45 minutes

    A communal session of weightless wellbeing that can alleviate joint pain and relieve spinal tension.

    From ISK 10 900

  • Private Yoga Flow

    60 minutes

    Based on the principles of hatha, vinyasa and ashtanga vinyasa, this yoga flow brings balance and harmony to both mind and body.

    Price from ISK 49 500

  • Guided Meditation

    30 minutes

    A seated meditation session for a peaceful state of relaxation, clarity, and mindfulness that is exclusive to guests at the Retreat Hotel.

    Price from ISK 24 000

  • Sound Healing

    60 minutes

    An immersive and therapeutic sonic journey, conducted by a qualified sound healer.

    Price from ISK 78 000

  • The Blue Lagoon Ritual

    30-60 minutes

    This self-guided spa experience is based on the Blue Lagoon’s trinity of bioactive treasures: silica, algae, and minerals.

  • Relaxing Massage

    30-90 minutes

    Enjoy a relaxing massage in a private, subterranean massage suite.

    Price from ISK 19 900 per person

  • Hot Stone Massage

    60-90 minutes

    Heated basalt stones are at the heart of this full-body massage.

    Price from ISK 28 900 per person

  • Classic Facial

    45 minutes

    Customized to your needs, this facial combines soothing massages and Blue Lagoon Skincare.

    Price from ISK 19 900 per person

  • Deluxe Facial

    60 minutes

    Customized to your needs, this facial combines soothing massages and a personalized face mask.

    Price from ISK 23 900 per person

  • Signature Facial

    90 minutes

    Customized to your needs, this treatment includes a facial and multiple massages, as well as a tailored use of Blue Lagoon Skincare products.

    Price from ISK 33 900 per person

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