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Our corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a major component of Blue Lagoon’s operations. Since its establishment, the company has focused on corporate social responsibility, approaching the issue in accordance with changes in the company and in society. Our ultimate goal is to integrate CSR into the core business strategy. Our activities take place across business units, and we also promote phylantropy as additional support to our community. Activities including youth sports, cultural events, health, and wellbeing in our local communities.

Focus on Sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals

Iceland and the whole world had to face hard times due to the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis. During this time Blue Lagoon focused on strengthening its infrastructure, further developing the business and reorganizing the operations with the aim of making the guest experience even better.

We continue our journey of creating safe, quality-driven tourism and developing products rooted in the enlightened principles of environmental awareness and the sanctity of the country's natural resources.

Blue Lagoon was honored as the Iceland's Environmental Company of the Year for 2021, confirming the value of our endeavors and inspiring us to continue our innovative approach to sustainability and our groundbreaking use of natural resources.

Strategic Approach

In our work, we focus on creating an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves, and the safety of our colleagues and visitors is a key priority. Nature is not an inexhaustible resource, and we support sustainability in most areas of our operations, aspiring to a cooperative, harmonic relationship with society. We aim to be a role model within the tourism industry and provide guidance to others regarding corporate social responsibility.

In 2019 we established a multidisciplinary CSR team within the company, with the purpose of helping our entire organization understand and embrace our principal CSR initiatives, develop a CSR strategy and improve our social and environmental performances with multiple projects and continuous improvement. In 2020 we issued the first CSR report according to the GRI standard, and in 2021 we will focus on Sustainable Development Goals.

2020 Annual & CSR Report - Icelandic


2019 Annual & CSR Report - English

2019 Annual & CSR Report - Icelandic

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