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Lava Restaurant

Gourmet dining on the shores of a wonder of the world.

LAVA Restaurant Menu

Tasting menu

Inspired by the Blue Lagoon’s surrounding landscape and created by our outstanding team of chefs, the 4-course tasting menu showcases the savory delights of Icelandic cuisine.

ISK 10 300 per person (only served for the whole table)


Beer cooked blue mussels from Reykjanes

Herb aioli, crispy potatoes, seaweed

ISK 2.700

Langoustine soup

Garlic marinated langoustine, seaweed

ISK 2.900

Smoked haddock

Rutabaga, rye bread, potatoes, dill

ISK 2.900

Birch and juniper cured arctic char

Horseradish foam, cucumber, pickled mustard seeds, arctic char roe, rye bread

ISK 2.900

Main Dishes

Grilled beef tenderloin

Icelandic mushrooms, crispy potatoes, onion jam, dijon mustard

ISK 4.900

Lamb fillet and shoulder of lamb

Artichokes, carrots, dates, thyme

ISK 4.900


Cauliflower, barley, fennel, mussel sauce

ISK 4.500

Fish of the day - fresh from the nearby harbor in Grindavík

Potatoes, lobster sauce, kale, spring onion

ISK 4.500


"Ástarpungar" and caramel

Caramel chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream, salted caramel

ISK 2.100


Coconut, mint, almonds

ISK 2.100

Sorrel & skyr

Rhubarb, oats

ISK 2.100

Crème brûlée

Vanilla, orange

ISK 2.100

Children's menu

Fish and potatoes Fried fish with potatoes and salad

Lava chicken Juicy chicken with salad and French fries

Classic sandwich Toasted sandwich with ham and cheese

Hamburger Hamburger with cheese and French fries

ISK 950 (for all dishes on children's menu)

Remarkable setting

Built into an 800-year-old lava cliff on the west bank of the Blue Lagoon, Lava Restaurant is a place where dynamic cuisine and enchanting design create unforgettable culinary experiences.