Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa: Plan Your Exclusive Visit | Blue Lagoon Iceland

Retreat Spa

A transformative journey into the volcanic earth.

Retreat Luxury Spa

From ISK 49 000

5 hour exclusive entry to the Retreat Spa and the Blue Lagoon.

What's Included

5 hour exclusive entry to the Retreat Spa

  • Retreat Spa

  • The Blue Lagoon

  • Retreat Lagoon

  • Private Changing Room

  • The Blue Lagoon Ritual

  • Skin Care Amenities

  • A Drink of Your Choice

  • Access to the Spa Restaurant

  • Access to 8 Subterranian spaces

A culinary journey

Fine dining at Blue Lagoon Iceland takes you into a gourmet landscape of tradition, reinvention, purity, and freshness.

Stay the night at the Retreat Hotel

Timeless sophistication and luxurious hospitality in the heart of a volcanic frontier.