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Moss Restaurant at Blue Lagoon Iceland Receives Coveted Michelin Star

In the heart of the Reykjanes UNESCO Geopark on Iceland's southwest coast—a wonderland of geothermal and geological phenomena—lies a culinary gem that has recently attained the pinnacle of gastronomic recognition. Moss Restaurant at Blue Lagoon Iceland, renowned for its innovative and inventive Icelandic cuisine, has been awarded the coveted Michelin star, a testament to its culinary excellence. The Michelin star is a prestigious honor bestowed by the Michelin Guide upon only the finest restaurants worldwide, recognizing exceptional food, ambiance, and service. Moss's accomplishment elevates it to an esteemed position among the finest dining establishments globally, marking a momentous milestone in the restaurant's brief history.

Moss Restaurant: A Culinary Gem

Opened in 2018, Moss is the signature dining establishment at the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland—a multi-award-winning luxury resort featuring a subterranean spa, 60 spacious suites encircled by the ethereal waters of the Blue Lagoon, and an exquisite mineral-rich lagoon bounded by centuries-old lava canyons. Conceived to bring guests into harmony with the restorative powers of nature, the Retreat unlocks the door to a timeless world of radiant wellbeing.

Occupying the highest point at the Retreat, Moss features sweeping vistas of the otherworldly landscape. Incorporating the shapes, patterns, colors, and textures of the volcanic terrain, the restaurant brings forth a memorable and immersive dining journey. Guests can travel across the country by way of the culinary masterpieces that emerge from the kitchen. From the mountains to the fjörds to the rivers to the oceans, Iceland’s endlessly fresh bounty of nourishment provides the inspiration for the restaurant’s stunning innovations on traditional Icelandic recipes.

The Chef Behind the Excellence

Born in Iceland, Aggi Sverrisson was Chef Patron and owner of Michelin-starred Texture Restaurant & Champagne Bar in London. The recipient of numerous accolades, Texture was voted New Restaurant of the Year by The Independent in 2007, received its first Michelin star in 2010—an honor it retained for eight consecutive years—and was the highest scoring restaurant in Harden’s London Restaurant Guide 2019.

Aggi’s cooking career began at the age of 18, leading him from Reykjavík to London to Luxembourg and back to England in 2002, where he joined Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, the oldest two Michelin-starred restaurant in the country. Promoted to Head Chef in 2005, he launched his first independent venture in 2007—Texture.

In 2020, Aggi made the decision to close Texture and return home to his native country, taking the Executive Chef position at Moss Restaurant. Innovative, inventive, inspired—Aggi brings a sublime sense of simplicity and adventure to Moss’s ever-changing menus. With boundless passion for his craft and encyclopedic knowledge of Icelandic sourcing, Aggi integrates Asian flavors as he explores Iceland’s culinary frontiers, transforming seasonal ingredients into timeless gourmet experiences.

Unveiling the Cuisine

The cuisine at Moss is an ode to Iceland's natural splendor, allowing guests to savor the country's distinct flavors with each carefully curated dish. Emphasizing the use of the finest, freshest local ingredients, the restaurant’s multicourse seasonal menus are ever-changing gourmet excursions defined by purity, authenticity, and innovation, making every visit to Moss a profoundly unique and fantastically savory event.

Traditional recipes are reimagined and reborn, embodying the spirited interplay of tradition and reinvention. Prepared with a passion for perfectly timed sources, each dish is a masterpiece of seasonal taste sensations, testifying to the living heritage and diverse delights of Icelandic cooking. From Sicilian Tomatoes and Norwegian King Crab in summer to Icelandic Scallops, Baby Beetroots, and Icelandic Lamb in winter, Moss cuisine is a sensational gourmet journey.

Contrasting Moss with Lava: A Tale of Two Dining Experiences

While Moss Restaurant shines as a Michelin-starred culinary gem, it is not the only extraordinary dining option at Blue Lagoon Iceland. Another renowned restaurant within the Blue Lagoon's domain is Lava. Both Moss and Lava have distinct culinary styles and ambiance, offering guests contrasting yet equally enchanting dining experiences.

Lava, located on the western shore of the Blue Lagoon, boasts an ambiance that is as striking as its name suggests. Built into an 800-year-old lava cliff, the restaurant's design embraces the surrounding geological wonders. Guests can enjoy their meals in a cavernous setting, with biophilic design and double-height windows creating the enchanting interplay of interior and exterior.

While Moss Restaurant celebrates the country's culinary heritage with contemporary twists, Lava presents a more traditional Icelandic menu with a focus on classic dishes prepared to perfection. The ambiance of Moss is one of understated elegance and timeless sophistication, complementing the intrinsic luxuries of the Retreat. In contrast, Lava’s striking geology and relaxed casual setting form a hallmark of the Blue Lagoon experience, with many guests dining in their robes after discovering the relaxing pleasures of the famous waterscape.

The presence of two exceptional dining establishments, each with its own charm and culinary delights, underscores the diverse range of possibilities that Blue Lagoon Iceland offers to its guests. Whether one seeks Michelin-starred modern Icelandic cuisine at Moss or a festive dining affair within the centuries-old cliffs at Lava, the gastronomic journey at Blue Lagoon Iceland is one of exploration and delight.

Iceland's culinary scene and its growing prominence

Once overshadowed by its breathtaking landscapes, Iceland's culinary offerings have now taken center stage. The country's commitment to sustainability, sourcing local and seasonal ingredients, has captured the attention of food enthusiasts worldwide. Iceland's culinary scene has become a captivating blend of tradition and innovation, creating a culinary identity that is both distinctive and alluring.

While Moss proudly stands as Iceland's latest Michelin-starred establishment, it joins the ranks of two other esteemed destinations that have received this prestigious recognition. Dill, which focuses on authenticity, simplicity, and sustainability, became Iceland’s first Michelin starred restaurant in 2017. And Ox, an intimate, 17-seat treasure that fuses heritage and modernity, claimed a star in 2022.

Moss Restaurant's attainment of a Michelin star not only honors the exceptional culinary craftsmanship of the establishment but also has wider implications for Iceland's gastronomic reputation. This accolade serves as a powerful statement of Iceland's culinary maturation, further solidifying its position on the world's culinary map.

The culinary crescendo

Moss Restaurant at Blue Lagoon Iceland's receipt of a coveted Michelin star is a testament to its dedication to crafting innovative and exceptional Icelandic cuisine. Situated within the breathtaking Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland, Moss offers guests a memorable and immersive dining experience in the heart of a volcanic wonderland.

With the distinction of a Michelin star, Moss joins the ranks of other distinguished restaurants, highlighting Iceland's burgeoning culinary scene and its commitment to sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. Moss Restaurant's success elevates the country's gastronomic reputation, while its unique offerings add to the allure of Blue Lagoon Iceland as a world-class destination for both nature enthusiasts and food connoisseurs alike.

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