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Sustainability at the Retreat

"It can be said that sustainability is in Blue Lagoon Iceland’s DNA."

When the Svartsengi Resource Park came to life in the late 1970s, one of the unintended benefits of the plant’s geothermal energy production was an enchanting reservoir that formed in the lava field beside the facility. No one knew it at the time, but this humble expanse signalled the dawn of the Blue Lagoon and the birth of a wonder of the world.

Today, sustainability echoes through every dimension of the company’s ongoing evolution, reaching its full flowering in the concept, construction, and operational framework of the Retreat.

Architecture and design

From the moment ground was broken for the Retreat in 2014, the enduring principle was: harmony, not contrast. Materials were chosen for their durability, their repairability, their green production standards, and the manner that they harmonize with the environment. Wherever possible, lava quarried onsite was integrated into the structure. 

At heart, this can be called sustainable design. An approach that nurtures and preserves the sacred connection between man and nature, it was the foundation for all of the Retreat’s structural improvisations and esthetic choices. 

In essence, the Retreat is not on the land. It is of the land.

Electricity, heating, and hot water

Geothermal energy harnessed and produced at the Svartsengi Resource Park is the sole source of electricity, heating, and hot water at the Retreat, providing 100% of its needs in these three arenas. The mechanisms for circulating these resources are also highly advanced, with the Retreat’s heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems conforming to, or surpassing, Iceland’s strict protocols of energy efficiency. 

The volcanic landscape

Blue Lagoon’s surrounding landscape—the Illahraun lava field—is a frozen-in-time expanse of moss-covered volcanic rock that erupted from the earth in 1226 AD. In order to protect the lava and the delicate, centuries-old greenery, strict guidelines were imposed during the Retreat’s construction process. While construction is, by nature, destructive, great effort was taken to mitigate damage to the breathtaking terrain. Paths were also created to enable visitors to wander through the lava fields without harming the exquisite floral and volcanic features.

Retreat Lagoon


The Retreat’s lighting is calibrated to fulfill the cyclical human need for natural light—the circadian rhythm. Created from highly efficient, technologically advanced light-emitting diode (LED), the lighting is energizing, nourishing, and engaging, bringing forth sensations of profound wellbeing. In the realm of artificial illumination, this convergence of comfort and energy efficiency is known as human centric lighting


Culinary sustainability extends throughout the sourcing of Moss Restaurant, the Retreat’s signature dining establishment. Most ingredients are locally supplied, and the energy that powers the organic farms and lights the greenhouses where fruits and vegetables are grown is of geothermal origin. 

R&D and Blue Lagoon Skin Care

For more than four decades, research and development has been at the heart of Blue Lagoon’s quest for a world without waste, which is one of its aspirational mandates.  

Powered by geothermal energy, the R&D center is a thriving scientific establishment—a place where inspiration and intellect have unlocked groundbreaking ways to recycle CO2. Likewise, green production methods—pioneered at the R&D center—are used for isolating, cultivating, and harvesting the beneficial elements of Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater: silica, minerals, and algae. These three natural wonders are the fulcrum of Blue Lagoon skin care. And the line itself adheres to the highest imperatives of eco-friendly sustainability.

A sustainable humanity

Another key vector in Blue Lagoon’s all-encompassing approach to sustainability is societal uplift. Sustainability is manifest in respect for one another as much as it is manifest in respect for the environment. It can be found in simple human dignity as much as it can be found in innovative, energy-saving technology. It is brought to life when we recycle just as much as when we respect—We Respect being one of Blue Lagoon’s brand pillars. 

Blue Lagoon also funds a broad spectrum of philanthropic causes in the areas of youth sports, the arts, health, and wellness—contributing to the wellbeing of the communities on the Reykjanes Peninsula and throughout the country.

Harmony with nature

Ultimately, sustainability at Blue Lagoon Iceland is embodied not only through geothermal seawater—the heart and soul of the entire experience—but also through renewable electricity and heating, sustainable design, human centric lighting, locally sourced culinary ingredients, research and development, environmental preservation, and an acknowledgement that living in harmony with one another is a fundamental element of living in harmony with nature.


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