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Blue Lagoon Water: beneficial effect of the ‘geothermal gift’

Rich in microalgae, silica, and minerals, Blue Lagoon Water is a phenomenal natural resource. Read more about this ‘geothermal gift’.


In 2012, the Blue Lagoon was named a wonder of the world by National Geographic. The honor was not for the otherworldly beauty of the location, but for the profoundly transformative powers of the lagoon’s iconic water, which the magazine called ‘a geothermal gift.’ Rich in microalgae, silica, and minerals, this phenomenal natural resource is found nowhere else on earth. It is a bioactive marvel possessing a formidable array of benefits for the mind, body, and skin.

Origins Originating deep underground where freshwater and seawater converge in the searing heat and immense pressure of volcanic aquifers, Blue Lagoon Water begins life as geothermal seawater. Drawn to the surface through geothermal extraction wells from 2,000 meters below, this hybrid liquid is not yet bioactive.

From geothermal to bioactive The transformation from geothermal seawater to bioactive water occurs when the liquid is channeled into the primal environment of the Blue Lagoon. It is here that something extraordinary happens: the water comes into contact with the arctic climate and the powerful natural forces of the volcanic landscape, creating a unique ecosystem teeming with silica, minerals, and a novel species of blue-green microalgae. The vibrant alchemy of these elements turns geothermal seawater into a bioactive wonder.

An unparalleled resource Blue Lagoon Water is endowed with astonishing restorative powers. Across thirty years, this dynamic entity has brought health, healing, happiness, and wellbeing to visitors from all over the world. With decades of research leading to patents for Blue Lagoon Microalgae and Silica, the water has also galvanized the development of Blue Lagoon Skincare. Harvested at the Blue Lagoon R&D center using sustainable methods, the water's bioactive treasures distinguish our skincare from all other brands. Today, Blue Lagoon Skincare encompasses three distinct product lines: Spa for experiencing the skin-nourishing wonders of the Blue Lagoon at home. Dermatological for clinical efficacy against chronic skin conditions, and BL+ for targeting signs of skin aging and optimizing skin health through high performance formulas born of cutting-edge biotechnology. Whether bringing unforgettable memories to visitors at the Blue Lagoon, or youthful radiance to users of Blue Lagoon Skincare, Blue Lagoon Water is a potent, timeless, natural resource.

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