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Enhance your visit and explore the numerous things to do near Blue Lagoon Iceland.


Seltún A striking expanse of geothermal activity, Seltún is equipped with a boardwalk that leads you on a brief, surreal journey across fields of bubbling mud pools, steam vents, mineral deposits, and hot springs. Approximate distance from Blue Lagoon: 30 minutes

Gunnuhver The site of Iceland’s biggest mud pool, Gunnuhver is teeming with geothermal wonders. Steam and vaporous liquids rise from vents in the mineral-rich terrain and a boardwalk crisscrosses the otherworldly landscape, bringing you face-to-face with the searing, transformative powers of the volcanic earth. Approximate distance from Blue Lagoon: 20 minutes

Brimketill A sublime pool of crystal clear seawater forged into the towering sea cliffs by the oceanic forces of nature, Brimketill is a unique, extraordinary vision. Standing on the viewing platform, visitors are often lashed by the unrelenting waves of the North Atlantic. The turbulent tide makes extreme caution absolutely necessary. Approximate distance from Blue Lagoon: 15 minutes

Reykjanesviti Iceland’s oldest lighthouse, Reykjanesviti was built in 1908. Rising 70 meters above sea level and bounded by geothermal fields and the endless blue horizon of the North Atlantic, this iconic structure is a commanding, reassuring presence in an enchanting and often unforgiving landscape. Approximate distance from Blue Lagoon: 25 minutes

Hvalsneskirkja Constructed from local materials—basalt gathered at regional quarries for the exteriors and driftwood found on the nearby coastline for the interiors—the church at Hvalsnes was consecrated in 1887 and is beautifully preserved. The cemetery adjacent to the structure includes graves dating back to the 17th century, most notably the headstone of Steinunn Hallgrímsdóttir, the daughter of famed Icelandic poet, Hallgrímur Pétursson (1614–1674). Approximate distance from Blue Lagoon: 34 minutes

Stafnes During the 17th and 18th centuries, Stafnes was one of Iceland’s busiest fishing outposts. In addition to being an epicenter of maritime commerce, many vessels were lost or damaged on the Stafnes skerries. In 1928, the trawler President Jon ran aground at Stafnes and 15 of the ship’s 25 crew members perished. The eight-meter-tall Stafnes lighthouse, an unmistakable yellow landmark, was built in 1925. Approximate distance from Blue Lagoon: 36 minutes

Krýsuvík A breathtaking field of geothermal phenomena, Krýsuvík is alive with hot springs, boiling mud pools, steam vents, and the vibrant reds, yellows, and greens of the mineral-rich terrain. Just a few kilometres away are two of Iceland’s most stunning lakes: Graenavatn and Kleifarvatn, remnants of explosion craters that formed during volcanic eruptions. Approximate distance from Blue Lagoon: 31 minutes

Bridge Between Continents Straddling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge—the divide between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates—this footbridge allows visitors to walk between two continents. The fissure beneath the bridge is also accessible, affording an incredibly unique, strangely serene experience of the earth’s tremendous geophysical forces. Approximate distance from Blue Lagoon: 22 minutes

Kleifarvatn Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Kleifarvatn has no visible water coming in or going out as most of its water comes and leaves underground. The astonishing and majestic view of the lake is mesmerizing. In addition, the lava surrounding the lake is often mentioned to be unique where the rocks are formed by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Approximate distance from Blue Lagoon: 36 minutes


ATV Tour Spend a few exhilarating hours motoring across lava fields, black sand beaches, red gravel roads, and astonishing lunar-like mountainscapes. An intense, rewarding journey. (Please note: a valid driver’s license is required.)

Horse riding Explore the Reykjanes Peninsula on horseback. Traverse enchanting volcanic vistas and exhilarating shorelines. Experience the landscape riding astride an Icelandic horse—a breed legendary for its diminutive size, remarkable strength, and peaceful spirit.

Viking World Viking world museum is located in Reykjanesbær. This museum is focused on showcasing the history of Vikings. The best known item showcased is the replica of a Gokstad viking ship found in 1882. This viking ship, named Íslendingur sailed across the Atlantic ocean to L‘Anse aux Medows, Newfoundland and then to New York for the celebration of the millennium voyage of Leif Ericsson. Guests can visit the exhibition „Vikings – The North Atlantic Saga“ from the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C. This museum is worth the visit for those who seek to learn more about Vikings and their items which have been found by archaeologists in Iceland.

Garðskagi Lighthouse The lighthouse in Garðskagi is one of the popular attractions in Reykjanes. This lighthouse was built in 1897 and offer breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, visitors can walk around the beach located conveniently next to the lighthouse. Often, there are sites of whales, dolphins and seals.

Icelandic Museum of Rock n Roll When arriving to Iceland you arrive in Reykjanesbær, often referred as the destination Keflavík. Reykjanesbær is known for being the source of many of the countries favorite artists and bands. As mentioned on their website, The Icelandic Museum of Rock' n' Roll (Rokksafn Islands) is a fascinating family-friendly and interactive exhibition where you can walk through and learn all about the history of popular music in Iceland. The museum's format is built around a timeline of the history of Icelandic music, from the 19th-century classics right up to modern-day superstars like Bjork, Of Monsters and Men, Sigur Ros, Kaleo, and many more. Today, Keflavík is often referred as the „The Beatles town“.

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