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Best Place To Take Photos At Blue Lagoon Iceland

Sitting astride the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Blue Lagoon Iceland is a photographer’s playground.

Located in the heart of the Reykjanes UNESCO Global Geopark, Blue Lagoon Iceland is a photogenic wonderland. With its iconic waters and volcanic terrain, the storied location has joined the pantheon of the world's most instagrammed destinations. The site of many major commercial ad campaigns—including Nike, Mercedes Benz, and Apple—the renowned geothermal spa avails itself to stunning imagery. The ethereal waters, exquisite light, organic architecture, and otherworldly landscape create an engaging canvas for visual exploration. The array of shooting locations is vast, offering a wide spectrum of possibilities for capturing the area’s timeless beauty. Everywhere the eye looks, the interplay of light, color, and shape brings forth a reservoir of inspiration. Gleaming silica. Fragmented lava. Steaming water. Vibrant moss. Extinct volcanoes. The arctic sky. It is a place where the microcosmic world is rich with entrancing abstractions and the macroscopic world is alive with breathtaking vistas. Walking paths and trails From paths that wind along the silica-gilded banks of the Blue Lagoon’s ethereal tributaries to trails that move through enchanting corridors of frozen-in-time lava, a journey into the world surrounding the spa invites discovery and holds a wellspring of floral and geological treasures.

Viewing deck One of Blue Lagoon’s lesser known features is the viewing deck on the second floor of the main complex. From this balcony, the sweeping panorama takes the eye across the luminous lagoon and along moss-covered fields of centuries-old lava.

Thorbjörn Rising on the Blue Lagoon’s south shore is Thorbjörn—a 243-meter, 24,000-year-old extinct volcano. A hike to the top of this majestic mountain reveals a magnificent lava plain stretching to Faxaflói Bay on the north shore of the peninsula. On a clear day, the legendary glacier Snæfellsjökull is visible across the water, amplifying the awe-inspiring nature of the volcanic horizon.

A place for all seasons Sitting astride the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Blue Lagoon Iceland is a photographer’s playground. With the ever-changing tones, shades, and colors of the landscape—transformations brought by the seasons, the weather, and the light—it is always possible to find new wonders in this once-molten frontier.

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