Couple’s Float Therapy

This shared experience of weightlessness and a light massage can alleviate stress, relieve pain, and allow your mind to rest.

Blue Lagoon

The experience

As you float on the mineral-rich and warm Blue Lagoon water, you enter a deeply relaxing state, surrounded by warmth and the restorative powers of the earth. Your float therapist helps soothe your body and calm the mind for a fully mindful experience.

Duration: 45 minutes

The benefits of Float Therapy

Float therapy targets the musculoskeletal system. Combined with a light massage and delicate stretches and pulls, the therapy can positively affect joints and release spinal tension. Float therapy is based on letting go, so you will get the most out of the experience if you can relinquish control. Leave the world behind and float on to a state of deep, restorative calm.

We provide the gear you need to floata cap and leg supports that allow you to relax completely and let the water do the work.

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