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Blue Lagoon Skin Treatment

Our treatment is one of the few completely natural remedies available for psoriasis patients.

Is the Blue Lagoon good for the skin?

Blue Lagoon Iceland was founded in 1992 to unlock the benefits of geothermal seawater. Since then, it has evolved into a company focused on transformative spa experiences and has become renowned for the convergence of hospitality and wellness in a remarkable setting, amid an 800-year-old lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

The chance for visitors to luxuriate in the Blue Lagoon’s ethereal waters gains the most attention and is a visual representation of a key company mission: to unify the man made and the natural. With this in mind, sustainability is an overarching driver for the company, and research and development is undertaken to utilize all the benefits of the mineral-rich waters, especially in the field of skin care.

The healing properties of the Blue Lagoon and the company’s natural treatment products were recently showcased in the Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron. Zac and his travel companion, wellness expert Darin Olien, visited Iceland (and other destinations) to explore healthy and sustainable ways to live.

Does Blue Lagoon offer psoriasis treatment?

Blue Lagoon is an exceptional location for healing, comfort, and relaxation, and we have offered psoriasis treatment since 1994. Decades of research confirms the efficacy of Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater for treating psoriasis.

Our treatment is one of the few completely natural remedies available for psoriasis patients. After an initial visit to Blue Lagoon, the benefits can be maintained with home treatment, without any side effects.

Blue Lagoon’s pioneering psoriasis treatment is based on three elements: • regular bathing in the mineral-rich Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater • the application of Blue Lagoon skin care products, developed for the treatment of psoriasis • UV light therapy

A dermatologist is onsite for guests who visit our psoriasis treatment clinic. Their medical expertise guides treatment and evaluates results. Nurses provide daily care and monitor the progress.

Are skin treatment products available?

Created in 1995 and refined through decades of research and development, Blue Lagoon skin care combines the purity of nature and the powers of science. Based on the primary bioactive elements of geothermal seawater—silica, algae, and minerals—the products promote radiance, rejuvenation, and wellbeing.

Blue Lagoon’s treatment products are 100% natural. Researchers, dermatologists, and nurses have spent their professional careers focusing on the therapeutic properties of the Blue Lagoon, especially for treatment of psoriasis and other atopic skin disorders. Treatment products are available through our online store, and our clinic nurse offers guidance on specific skin issues via email.

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