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Blue Lagoon Shampoo Honored By Vogue

"The transformative powers of geothermal seawater can thus be enjoyed without concern for the water's effects on your hair."

Blue Lagoon Shampoo has been named one of The 14 Best Shampoos For Dry Hair by Vogue Magazine. Our hair care line also includes Conditioner, Hair Mask, and Silica Purifying Shampoo—a spectrum of products created from the bioactive treasures of Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater. One of the reasons powerful hair care is important to us is because the lagoon’s geothermal seawater can make hair difficult to manage.

Is the Blue Lagoon harmful for your hair? The short answer is no, the Blue Lagoon is not harmful for your hair. However, the water's high mineral content, while nourishing and rejuvenating for the mind and body, tends to leave hair stiff and dry. But there is a simple solution to this problem. And if you ever visit the Blue Lagoon, remember this important piece of advice.

Blue Lagoon Shampoo

The simple solution to Blue Lagoon hair During your pre-lagoon shower, apply conditioner to your hair—and don't rinse it off. This will protect your hair from the short term effects of the lagoon’s bioactive elements as you enjoy and explore the enchanting waterscape. Likewise, though the minerals cause temporary problems for your hair, they work wonders on your scalp, deep-cleansing your pores and strengthening your skin.

Follow this simple solution and you will emerge from the lagoon with manageable, hydrated, tangle-free hair, and your scalp will be nourished and purified. The transformative powers of geothermal seawater can thus be enjoyed without concern for the water's effects on your hair.

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