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The genetic cornerstone of Blue Lagoon Iceland

An unexpected wonder

When the Svartsengi Resource Park came to life in the late 1970s, one of the unintended benefits of the plant’s geothermal energy production was an enchanting reservoir that formed in the lava field beside the facility. No one knew it at the time, but this humble expanse signalled the dawn of the Blue Lagoon and the birth of a wonder of the world. Today, sustainability echoes through every dimension of the company’s ongoing evolution.

Architecture and design

Architecture and design at Blue Lagoon Iceland aspires to bring forth balance and harmony between man and nature. Buildings merge with the volcanic vista, becoming one with the land. Construction materials are chosen for their durability, repairability, and green production standards. And design elements are inspired by the shapes, colors, textures, and patterns of the surrounding landscape, creating an esthetic framework that blurs the distinction between interior and exterior.

Electricity, heating, and hot water

Geothermal energy, harnessed and produced at the Svartsengi Resource Park, is the sole source of electricity, heating, and hot water at Blue Lagoon Iceland, providing 100% of the company's needs in these three arenas.

The volcanic landscape

Blue Lagoon’s surrounding landscape—the Svartsengi lava field—is a frozen-in-time expanse of moss-covered volcanic rock that erupted from the earth in 1226 AD. In order to protect the lava and the delicate, centuries-old greenery, paths were created, enabling visitors to wander through the enchanting environment without harming the exquisite floral and geological features.


Lighting throughout Blue Lagoon Iceland is created through energy efficient LED and OLED technologies. Adhering to the ideals of a human centric approach, every source of illumination was designed to harmonize with the landscape, bringing radiance that is never intrusive yet always energizing, nourishing, and engaging.


From locally sourced seafood, to produce cultivated on organic farms and in geothermal greenhouses, to free-roaming lamb that draws sustenance from Iceland’s endless frontiers, culinary sustainability reverberates through every dimension of the Blue Lagoon Iceland dining experience.

R&D and Blue Lagoon Skin Care

For more than four decades, research and development has been at the heart of Blue Lagoon’s quest for a world without waste, which is one of its aspirational mandates.

Powered by geothermal energy, the R&D center is a thriving scientific establishment—a place where inspiration and intellect have unlocked groundbreaking ways to recycle CO2. Likewise, green production methods—pioneered at the R&D center—are used for isolating, cultivating, and harvesting the beneficial elements of Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater: silica, minerals, and algae. These three natural wonders are the fulcrum of Blue Lagoon skin care. And the line itself adheres to the highest imperatives of eco-friendly sustainability.

Sustainability is manifest in respect for one another as much as it is manifest in respect for the environment.

A sustainable humanity

Another key vector in Blue Lagoon’s all-encompassing approach to sustainability is societal uplift. Sustainability is manifest in respect for one another as much as it is manifest in respect for the environment. It can be found in simple human dignity as much as it can be found in innovative, energy-saving technology. It is brought to life when we recycle just as much as when we respect—We Respect being one of Blue Lagoon’s brand pillars.

Blue Lagoon also funds a broad spectrum of philanthropic causes in the areas of youth sports, the arts, health, and wellness—contributing to the wellbeing of the communities on the Reykjanes Peninsula and throughout the country.

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Harmony with nature

Ultimately, sustainability at Blue Lagoon Iceland is embodied not only through geothermal seawater—the heart and soul of the entire experience—but also through renewable electricity and heating, sustainable design, human centric lighting, locally sourced culinary ingredients, research and development, environmental preservation, and an acknowledgement that living in harmony with one another is a fundamental element of living in harmony with nature.


Certified quality and environmental system

Blue Lagoon has been certified by Vakinn since 2015. Vakinn is the official quality and environmental system for Icelandic tourism. Only tourism businesses that maintain high standards in all aspects of business practices and meet Vakinn´s comprehensive assessment criteria have earned the right to carry Vakinn, the official quality label in Iceland.

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