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Where the powers of science and the wonders of nature create transformative experiences.


Founded in 1992 to unlock the benefits of geothermal seawater, Blue Lagoon Iceland has evolved into a company encompassing transformative spa experiences, research and development, sustainability, culinary enjoyment, a renowned line of skin care, and the convergence of hospitality and wellness. In 2012, the company's iconic centerpiece—the Blue Lagoon—was named one of 25 wonders of the world by National Geographic, propelling the majestic, healing waters into the upper echelons of global travel destinations. In 2018, the company completed a remarkable expansion, opening the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland. Included in Time Magazine's list of the World's 100 Greatest Places, the complex features a 60-room luxury hotel, a subterranean spa, a mineral-rich lagoon, and two restaurants. With societal uplift as one of its core mandates, all of Blue Lagoon Iceland's concerns are powered by sustainable energy.

Some people came to the water for healing. Others for pleasure. But all who came, left with a profound sense of wonder.


The beneficial powers of geothermal seawater were first discovered in the early 1980s when local residents began to bathe in the warm blue reservoir that had formed in the shadows of the Svartsengi geothermal power plant.

The lagoon eventually became the focus of intense scientific study, giving birth in 1992 to Blue Lagoon Limited, a company dedicated to the research and development of the water’s primary elements: silica, algae and minerals.

In 1995, with research confirming the healing properties of geothermal seawater, Blue Lagoon Ltd. launched a renowned line of skin care. This was followed in 1999 with the opening of the modern day spa facility and, in 2005, a clinic hotel for the treatment of psoriasis.

Today, many decades after the first inquisitive souls began venturing into the water, the Blue Lagoon has blossomed from a humble curiosity into a wellspring of wonder.

Research & Development

Powered by geothermal energy, the Blue Lagoon Research & Development Center is a thriving scientific establishment where inspiration and intellect have brought forth groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of biotechnology and sustainability.

For four decades, scientists at the facility have focused their energies on unravelling the mysteries of geothermal seawater, working to understand the provenance and beneficent powers of the water’s bioactive elements—silica, algae, and minerals. Their relentless research has not only birthed a distinguished line of skin care created through eco-friendly methods, it has also produced new arenas of treatment for psoriasis, bringing hope, comfort, and relief to people who suffer from this chronic skin condition. Likewise, Blue Lagoon has received two exclusive patents covering the profoundly unique chemical composition of the silica and blue-green algae endemic to the lagoon’s extraordinary ecosystem.

At heart, the R&D center embodies the harmonic convergence of nature and science. It is a place where the incandescent secrets of geothermal seawater have been unlocked by rigorous scholarship, endless ingenuity, boundless curiosity, and the unwavering pursuit of a sustainable future.

Architecture & Design

At the most fundamental level, architecture and design at Blue Lagoon aspires to cultivate balance and harmony between man and nature. From the winding lava corridor that leads guests into the main complex, to the hand cut basalt and double-height windows of the building’s interior, to the lagoon’s enchanting waterscape, every detail is calibrated to unify the visitor experience with the volcanic environment. Environmental impact is minimized while the structures are designed to merge with the land—integrating the forms, shapes, and patterns of the terrain. This intrinsic respect for the earth can also be seen in the walkways that have been built into the lava fields surrounding Blue Lagoon. These paths allow guests to wander through the centuries-old moss, experiencing its esthetic vitality without damaging it.

Societal Uplift

Blue Lagoon's connection with nature is encapsulated by its aspirational mandate: a society without waste. During the course of the company’s evolution, the ambitions embedded in this phrase have spawned countless initiatives that foster both societal wellbeing and environmental balance. To engender a healthier society, Blue Lagoon funds a broad spectrum of philanthropic causes in the areas of youth sports, the arts, health, and fitness—contributing to the wellbeing of the communities on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Environmental balance is manifest in the closed ecocycle from which all of Blue Lagoon's resources are derived. Every coordinate of the Blue Lagoon world is powered by geothermal energy.

In the realm of corporate social responsibility, the company places the wellbeing of its employees and guests at the center of its universe. In all sectors of its operations, enjoyment is key, but safety is paramount. This truth reverberates through the company’s four brand values, which were chosen by the staff: We respect; We care; We bring joy; and We create memories.

But these have become more than linguistic assertions. They are the guiding lights that animate Blue Lagoon’s existence, inspiring the company and each of its employees to continually reach for higher ground.

These principles also crystallize Blue Lagoon’s cooperative relationships with its peers in the Icelandic travel industry. Societal uplift—which can be defined as a thriving citizenry, a healthy environment, and economic prosperity—must be a shared experience if it is to be sustainable.

A World of Wonder

The Blue Lagoon—once perceived as little more than an enchanting curiosity, an unusable byproduct of geothermal energy production—has evolved into an epicenter of radiant rejuvenation. During the past forty years, the hypnotic blue waters in the heart of an otherworldly landscape have given birth to a world of wonder. And though the place has expanded into new horizons, geothermal seawater will always be its heart and soul—its past, present, and future: forever relaxing, forever revitalizing, forever transformative.

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