Group Floating—Samflot 

This communal session creates a sense of shared peace and group healing. The Icelandic word is “samflot” means “going together” and is a rooted cultural practice of looking out for one another while traveling. 

The experience

Samflot-sessions take place in a calm, secluded area of the Blue Lagoon and are designed for up to five participants. No massages are included in group float session, but you can expect to enter a deeply relaxing and highly meditative state as your float facilitator makes sure you can fully relax and entrust yourself to the elements.  

These sessions are offered daily at 11:00 and 13:00.

Duration: 45 minutes 

The benefits of Float Therapy

Float therapy targets the musculoskeletal system. Combined with a light massage and delicate stretches and pulls, the therapy can positively affect joints and release spinal tension. Float therapy is based on letting go, so you will get the most out of the experience if you can relinquish control. Leave the world behind and float on to a state of deep, restorative calm.

We provide the gear you need to floata cap and leg supports that allow you to relax completely and let the water do the work.

Types of Float Therapy

We offer three types of float therapy, each with their own benefit. 

  • Solo float therapy: one-to-one session with your float therapist, with a gentle massage and delicate stretches and pulls. 

  • Couple float therapy: Less individualized but equally calming. Designed for couples looking for memorable and effective treatments in an intimate setting. 

  • Group floating: Samflot, or group float sessions, are designed to enhance your sense of community while allowing you to fully relax and stay in the present. Your float facilitator makes sure to preserve the spatial harmony of the group. 

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