Our Story

Before 1992

Geothermal energy is discovered on the Reykjanes Peninsula; a shimmering blue lagoon takes shape; locals discover the wonder of the lagoon’s water; scientists research the water’s powers.

The beginning


Geothermal aquifers are discovered at Svartsengi on the Reykjanes Peninsula and a power plant is built. Power company Hitaveita Suðurnesja (HS) begins harnessing the geothermal energy.

A geothermal wonder is born

1974 - 1976

An otherworldly reservoir forms in the lava field beside the HS plant.

Icelanders discover the wonder


People begin bathing in the water’s mineral-rich warmth, noticing its healing, rejuvenating powers. Word of the lagoon’s restorative properties spreads across Iceland.

Scientists research the water


The lagoon’s geothermal seawater draws the interest of scientists and doctors. Changing facilities are built. Admission to the lagoon becomes regulated.

1992 - 2002

Blue Lagoon Limited is launched; the Blue Lagoon R&D Center opens; the Blue Lagoon Medical Center opens; Blue Lagoon Skincare is launched; a spa complex is built and the lagoon is relocated.

Blue Lagoon Ltd. is established


Research confirms the revitalizing properties of Blue Lagoon Water. Blue Lagoon Limited is founded. Psoriasis treatments are offered.

A research & development center opens


The Blue Lagoon Research & Development Center opens, becoming a thriving biotech facility powered by sustainable energy.

A medical center opens


The Blue Lagoon Medical Center begins operations, offering natural psoriasis treatments based on the healing properties of Blue Lagoon Water. The first therapies combine bathing in the lagoon’s bioactive warmth and the use of silica mud applied directly to troubled skin.

Blue Lagoon Skincare is launched


Blue Lagoon Skincare is launched. The flagship product is Silica Mud Mask, a deep-cleansing white wonder that strengthens the skin barrier.

The Blue Lagoon is relocated


A spa complex is built and the lagoon is relocated to its present-day site in the heart of the Svartsengi lava field.

2002 - 2012

The Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel opens; Blue Lagoon stores open; the Blue Lagoon’s facilities are enhanced and Lava Restaurant opens; the Blue Lagoon becomes a wonder of the world.

Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel opens


Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel—later renamed Silica Hotel—is opened.

Blue Lagoon stores open


Blue Lagoon stores open in Reykjavík and at Keflavík International Airport.

Blue Lagoon expands


Blue Lagoon’s facilities are enlarged and enhanced. Lava Restaurant is opened.

A National Geographic Wonder of the World


The Blue Lagoon is chosen as one of National Geographic’s 25 Wonders of the World.

2012 - 2022

The Blue Lagoon is enlarged; the Clinic Hotel is renovated and renamed; the Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland opens; Moss Restaurant is recommended by the Michelin Guide; the Retreat receiver numerous honors; BL+ launches.

The Blue Lagoon is enlarged


The famous waterscape is expanded by half, now covering 8700 sqm.

Silica Hotel opens


The Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel is renovated and renamed, becoming Silica Hotel.

The Retreat opens


The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland—a luxury resort encompassing a 60-suite hotel, a subterranean spa, a terraced lagoon, and a restaurant with inspiring views of the volcanic horizon—is opened.

Moss Restaurant honored by Michelin


The Retreat’s Moss Restaurant is recommended by the Michelin Guide.

The Retreat receives more than 35 awards


Every dimension of the Retreat—from design, architecture, and lighting to cuisine, hospitality, and wellness—receives prestigious honors.

BL+ is launched and honored


Blue Lagoon Skincare’s high-performance line—BL+—is launched. Honored by Elle and Good Housekeeping, the line culminates 30 years of research into the bioactive powers of Blue Lagoon Water.

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