From the relaxing to the thrilling, we will help you plan, book, and customize any adventure you wish to take.

Private Helicopter Tour

Soaring across the Reykjanes Peninsula in a private helicopter, you will be greeted by visions of sprawling lava fields, geysers, mud pools, hot springs, endless craters, stunning lakes, extinct volcanoes, and an astounding aerial view of the Blue Lagoon. This airborne excursion can also be expanded to include other parts of Iceland.

Whale Watching

Beaked dolphins, minke whales, humpback whales—these are the species commonly seen on this extraordinary tour. Departing from Keflavík or Reykjavík, you are brought face-to-face with the graceful power and stunning acrobatics of the mammoth creatures found in Iceland’s coastal waters.

Dynamic. Energizing. Fulfilling.

Private Car Tour

A guided tour of the Reykjanes Peninsula in a luxurious vehicle, this journey can be personalized according to your wishes. Enjoy the peninsula’s unforgettable landmarks as your guide explains the history and significance of each location.

Volcano Cave Exploring

Experience the breathtaking realm of the interior of a volcano. Descend into the earth and discover an unforgettable subterranean wonderland as you explore the spellbinding geology of lava chambers created thousands of years ago by Iceland’s tremendous eruptive powers.

Snowmobile Tour

Zooming across the vastness of a glacier, you feel the full-blown adrenalin rush of gliding through a pristine snowscape, ascending to heights that reveal mesmerizing panoramas of Iceland’s untamed, untouched wilderness.


With courses designed for the country’s volcanic terrain and landscaped into historic lava flows, golfing in Iceland becomes a supremely unique adventure. Centered around the summer months, the sport reaches its peak enjoyment when the Midnight Sun illuminates the greens.

A uniquely challenging and majestically surreal landscape.

ATV Tour

1 hour tour ISK 15,900 / per person for 2 people on a bike ISK 19,900 / per person for a single bike

1,5 hour tour ISK 19,900 / per person for 2 people on a bike ISK 24,900 / per person for a single bike 2 hour tour

ISK 22,900 / per person for 2 people on a bike ISK 29,900 / per person for a single bike

3 to 4 hour tour ISK 29,900 / per person for 2 people on a bike ISK 39,900 / per person for a single bike

Spend a few exhilarating hours motoring across lava fields, black sand beaches, red gravel roads, and astonishing lunar-like mountainscapes. An intense, rewarding journey.Please be aware that a valid driver’s license is needed to drive the ATVs.Likewise, the age limit for riding the ATV is 6 years old.

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