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Take a drive and explore the Reykjanes Peninsula’s remarkable tectonic, oceanic, cultural, and historical landmarks.

Majestic. Beautiful. Breathtaking.

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A sublime pool of crystal clear seawater forged into the towering sea cliffs by the oceanic forces of nature, Brimketill is a unique, extraordinary vision. Standing on the viewing platform, visitors are often lashed by the unrelenting waves of the North Atlantic. The turbulent tide makes extreme caution absolutely necessary.

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Iceland’s oldest lighthouse, Reykjanesviti was built in 1908. Rising 70 meters above sea level and bounded by geothermal fields and the endless blue horizon of the North Atlantic, this iconic structure is a commanding, reassuring presence in an often unforgiving landscape.

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The site of Iceland’s biggest mud pool, Gunnuhver is teeming with geothermal wonders. Steam and vaporous liquids rise from vents in the mineral-rich terrain and a boardwalk crisscrosses the otherworldly landscape, bringing you face-to-face with the searing, transformative powers of Iceland’s enduring tectonic origins.

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Formed in a single volcanic event, Valahnúkur mountain surges upward and outward from the shore, endowing visitors with magnificent panoramas of the surrounding landscape and the formidable shards of lava jutting out of the North Atlantic. Three unique geological features—tuff, breccia, and pillow lava—reveal themselves in Valahnúkur’s sheer cliffs.

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The Bridge Between Continents

Straddling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge—the divide between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates—this footbridge allows visitors to walk between two continents. The fissure beneath the bridge is also accessible, affording an incredibly unique, strangely serene experience of the earth’s tremendous geophysical forces.

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During the 17th and 18th centuries, Stafnes was one of Iceland’s busiest fishing outposts. In addition to being an epicenter of maritime commerce, many vessels were lost or damaged on the Stafnes skerries. In 1928, the trawler President Jon ran aground at Stafnes and 15 of the ship’s 25 crew members perished. The eight-meter-tall Stafnes lighthouse, an unmistakable yellow landmark, was built in 1925.

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A striking expanse of geothermal activity, Seltún is equipped with a boardwalk that leads you on a brief, surreal excursion across fields of bubbling mud pools, steam vents, mineral deposits, and hot springs.

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