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Float Therapy

Warmth, weightlessness, and wellbeing in the Blue Lagoon.

Relaxing. Meditative. Transformative.

Floating on the mineral-rich warmth of a wonder of the world, you enter a deeply relaxing, highly meditative state as you harmonize with the water, the earth, and the touch of your bodyworker. The hypnotic interplay of weightlessness and light massage soothes the body, calms the mind, and elevates the spirit—alleviating stress, relieving pain, and catalyzing inner peace.

Three experiences

The balance between passive floatation and bodywork depends on the number of guests. The solo experience allows for constant attention. For groups, the bodyworker assumes a supervisory role and the journey is predominantly focused on passive floatation.

Hypnotic. Healing. Holistic.

A cooperative effort between Iceland’s Flothetta and Blue Lagoon, this extraordinary therapy enhances passive floatation, combining the nourishing powers of water and weightlessness with the sublime pleasures of gentle bodywork. Flothetta-designed water gear provides floatation and your Flothetta-trained bodyworker brings the human touch, ushering you to new dimensions of physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.

Letting go

Targeting bone structure, joints, and the release of spinal tension through delicate bodywork including stretches, pulls, and light massage, float therapy is based on letting go. You relinquish control and submit to the flow of the experience. Unbound from gravity, cradled in geothermal warmth, and embraced by your bodyworker, you leave the world behind, entering a realm of timeless serenity.

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