Morning Floatation

at the Retreat Lagoon

Guided Aquatic Floatation

Warmth, weightlessness, and wellbeing at the Retreat Lagoon. A 45-minute session of guided aquatic floatation that relaxes the mind, soothes the body, and elevates the spirit—relieving stress, alleviating pain, and catalyzing inner peace. Available exclusively for guests of the Retreat Hotel.

Timeless relaxation

Morning Floatation gives you exclusive access to a secluded area of the Retreat Lagoon. Floating on the mineral-rich warmth of this stunning waterscape—the volcanic earth below and the arctic cosmos above—you are liberated from the clock of modern life. Unbound from gravity and under the supervision of a floatation guide, you enter a timeless, deeply relaxing state as the mesmerizing interplay of warmth and weightlessness takes you to a place of profound wellbeing.

Peace. Tranquility. Harmony.

At the conclusion of the session, your guide gives you a mineral mask to moisturize your skin and signify the end of the experience. Emerging from the lagoon, you are treated to a fresh detoxifying drink as you take pleasure in the relaxation response activated by aquatic floatation. You might feel more peaceful than you’ve ever felt in your life.



  • — ISK 14,900


  • — Floatation guide

  • — Exclusive access to a secluded area of the Retreat Lagoon

  • — Use of floatation gear

  • — Mineral mask

  • — Fresh detoxifying drink

Terms & Conditions

  • — Morning Floatation is only available for Retreat Hotel guests.

  • — Kindly note that morning floatation is available on selected dates on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 09:00.

  • — Advance reservations are necessary and must be made no later than 19:00 on the previous evening.

  • — Limited availability. There is a maximum of 6 guests per session.

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