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Bioactive ingredients. Dynamic formulas. Youthful skin.

Available in stores and online

During your stay, you can visit our flagship store in the main Blue Lagoon complex and explore our complete range of formulas. You can also find our products online. From cleansers and creams to moisturizers and masks, we have the answer to every skin concern.

Discover Skincare

Bioactive power

Born of pioneering research into the Blue Lagoon’s healing powers, our skincare is based on the water’s extraordinary bioactive elements which are sustainably harvested at the Blue Lagoon R&D center and can only be found in Blue Lagoon Skincare. Launched in 1995, Blue Lagoon Skincare was originally conceived to enhance the natural psoriasis treatments offered at the Blue Lagoon Medical Clinic.

Three lines from one body of water

Our skincare now encompasses three distinct product lines:


For experiencing the skin-nourishing wonders of the Blue Lagoon at home.


For chronic skin conditions often associated with dry and sensitive skin.


For targeting signs of skin aging and otpimizing skin health through high performance formulas born of cutting-edge biotechnology.

Discover Skincare