Results & Testimonials

Psoriasis treatments at Blue Lagoon have proven to be very beneficial. Hundreds of patients have seen their dry patches virtually disappear after undergoing the intensive treatment and many choose to return on a regular basis.


Here are examples of the responses we get from treatment guests and customers.


Exceptional stay

I wanted to write and thank you and the staff for such an exceptional stay at the Blue Lagoon Clinic. I was extremely impressed with the treatment, facilities, staff and overall experience. Everything was absolutely outstanding!

I am pleased to report that my eczema improved considerably during my stay! My experience at the Clinic was healing and restorative for both my skin and my general well being. I leave here feeling inspired and invigorated. Thank you to all the staff for such a tremendous experience!

- Rosemarie (from Toronto)


Wonderfully healing

I can say from personal experience that it is a wonderfully healing, relaxing, and gorgeous place. I have memories and new friends from an unexpected new place. With all of your needs being provided, and the opportunity to swim and soak in the fabulous Lagoon made up of sea water and geothermal water, your worries, aches and flakes all seem to melt away. The staff at the Blue Lagoon and the people of Iceland are beautifully genuine and friendly.

- Vickie Dowling


Eczema was gone!

During a visit to Reykjavik last month I spent an afternoon at the Blue Lagoon, not knowing in advance about the purported therapeutic benefits of it. Having spent the last 2.5 years battling chronic allergic dermatitis (eczema), I was astounded when just a couple of days after my visit the eczema was gone entirely! I had spent many hundreds of dollars on traditional medicine (cortisone-based creams, oral allergy prescriptions) and lots of additional money on alternative therapies (Oregon grape root, various herbal supplements, vitamins) but nothing worked -- I was in significant discomfort virtually every day over that 2.5 - year period. Anyway, the eczema has not returned -- thankfully -- and I will be forever grateful for what, by all appearances, was a miraculous cure!

- Tim Agar (from California)


Delighted at the condition

Dear Esther, Brooke and I made it back to California on time last night. We are a bit tired, but delighted at the condition of Brooke's skin! Her back, arms, chest, scalp and stomach are all clear. Her legs are much better and nearly clear. She is tanned and looking beautiful. She is so happy and thankful. Everyone at the Clinic was just wonderful and made our stay very enjoyable. We will let you know how she does in the future. We are so hopeful that her skin remains clear.

- Mark and Brooke (from USA)

Everything was absolutely perfect

I just wanted to tell you that me and my two friends had an excellent stay at the Clinic. Everything was absolutely perfect. The room was lovely, the whole building was amazing, the breakfast was very good and all the staff we spoke to were extremely nice. We hope to stay with you again sometime.

- Zee (from UK)


Comfort, companionships and caring

I feel so grateful and happy to have been a part of this clinic for three weeks. Psoriasis can be lonely and exhausting, but here there is comfort, companionships and caring. Added to the ingredients of the lagoon, there is healing here. Each one of you added your personal touch to create a rare blend of grace and intimacy, professionalism and warmth. I feel I have found my second home and look forward to being here with all of you and the kisill (silica mud) next year.

- Barbara Senchak (from New Jersey)

Psoriasis spots disappeared

I have had psoriasis for several years and therefore been an occasional guest at Blue Lagoon Clinic. Last year I consulted with a doctor and nurses at the clinic who suggested I should bathe more intensively for several weeks. It was not until then when I started to notice significant improvements on my skin. I was amazed to see how the psoriasis spots started to disappear and I finally became convinced that the Blue Lagoon treatment really works. I recently started the treatment again after a few months break and I'm already seeing the spots fade away. I enjoy the time that I spend at the clinic, the atmosphere is homey and the staff is really friendly.

- Guðmundur Kr. Guðmundsson

The products work

I have a slight psoriasis problem. After a long search to find products to help my skin condition, a friend who visited Iceland that year, told me about the Blue Lagoon. Anxiously I've ordered some products and I can only say that they work. Still I can only use non-perfumed products, but my problem is under control. THANK YOU!

- Petra Holland (from Germany)


Psoriasis Reseach

Scientific work is an important part of what we do. Various studies and researches on the Blue Lagoon, its ecosystem and healing effects, have been published. The following is an overview of these studies:


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"The Blue Lagoon natural psoriasis
treatment changed my life"

Psoriasis treatment resultsAlexander John Polson has been a regular guest at the Blue Lagoon Clinic for the past eight years. Polson comes from the Shetland Islands and has suffered from psoriasis for the past 30 years. He has gone through a number of treatments with inadequate results. "I have been using various kinds of creams and tried coal tar treatments as well but they have not given good results. My doctor recommended trying the Dead Sea and I found that to be more effective than the creams but not effective enough," says Polson.

Polson works as a fisherman and once when passing through Norway, he met a person who informed him about the Blue Lagoon treatment. "This person noticed I had psoriasis and asked me if I had heard about the Blue Lagoon treatment in Iceland. I immediately went online and through the Blue Lagoon website I got in touch with an employee at the Blue Lagoon who provided me with further information," says Polson. He was excited to try the Blue Lagoon treatment and decided to come here for three weeks.

He says once he started the treatment he instantly noticed improvements on his skin condition. "I knew right away that the treatment would be effective. I bathed in the lagoon, had light therapy and used the Blue Lagoon products. After I had completed those three weeks, all the spots were gone," says Polson. He says that the treatment not only affected his skin but also his general well-being. "I had for an example had some trouble sleeping but once I started the treatment I finally got a good night sleep," says Polson.

The following years Polson came for a treatment once a year. In 2002 he decided to buy a home in nearby village, Grindavík. "I like everything about Iceland and as I was determined to continue coming for a treatment I decided to buy a house in the area. I stay in Iceland 4-6 months a year and during that time I regularly come for a treatment. This allows me to maintain the good results," says Polson.

Polson says the treatment has changed many things regarding his life. He says he is more outgoing than he used to be. "I never talked about the psoriasis and I avoided going for a holiday with my family and friends. I also kept away from swimming pools as I did not want people to see my body covered with psoriasis," he says. He said he would definitely recommend the Blue Lagoon treatment to others. "The patients feel welcome at the Clinic and the staff is very nice."

"I feel much more comfortable with my life now and I really enjoy living in Grindavík. Iceland is a beautiful country, so pure and clean. I love to be able to see the ocean every day. I have travelled around the country and I also enjoy going fishing," says Polson before he continues with his daily workout at the Clinic's fitness room.

--- --- ---


"The best and healthiest natural
psoriasis treatment available today"

Haraldur Reynisson started the Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment last September but he has had psoriasis for 11 years. It started with small spots and when it started increasing he decided to seek a treatment. "I have tried various treatments and have been using steroid creams without any results," says Reynisson.

A few months ago Reynisson was advised to try the Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment and he decided to try it for 3 weeks. "After bathing 2-3 times I noticed improvements in my skin. I find this treatment to be the best and healthiest psoriasis treatment available today. When I began the treatment I bathed in the lagoon, used the light therapy and the Blue Lagoon skincare products. Since I completed the 3 week treatment I come to the Blue Lagoon regularly, bathe in the lagoon and use the products at home to maintain those good results.

Reynisson says that psoriasis is not only a physical disease but also psychological. Healthy diet and good sleep can also affect the results. "It's very important to stay positive and patient when you're dealing with psoriasis. For a while I became quite pessimistic and believed that I would never get any help," says Reynisson. He also mentions that meeting other patients at the Clinic has been very helpful. "I've met a lot of people here since I started the treatment. The social factor is important, we share our experiences and watch each other results and I find that very encouraging," he says.

Reynisson is very pleased with the facilities at the Blue Lagoon - Clinic and the staff. "I consider it to be a privilege to be able to come here for a treatment especially because I'm free from the steroid creams and other medicines. The Blue Lagoon treatment has done wonders for my skin and I would recommend it to anyone," says Reynisson.


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