We are expanding our horizons

Blue Lagoon has embarked on an expansion that includes a redesign and enlargement of the spa experience area, as well as the construction of a luxury hotel.  The goal of this expansion is to enhance the experience of each guest.

Located on the lava field west of the lagoon, the work area is within view of the main spa.  The sights and sounds of construction equipment are a reality of visiting the Blue Lagoon during the months of our expansion.  But we aim to minimize the impact of this work on the experiences of our guests.

The project is scheduled to be completed in phases and will be finished in 2017.

The lagoon expansion phase was completed in January, 2016.  The lagoon grew by half and is now 8700 square meters and has a volume of 9 million liters. This expansion was comprised of four principal elements:

  • The addition of Silica Mud Bar where guests can experience the rejuvenating powers of the Blue Lagoon's iconic mineral: silica
  • The addition of an area for enhanced tranquility and relaxation
  • The addition of an area for experiencing in-water spa treatments in a serene, meditative environment
  • The renovation of guest facilities and refreshment areas

The expanded spa area connects the lagoon and the emerging luxury hotel. The hotel will have 60 rooms, a meeting and conference room, and an à la carte restaurant.

Design and Architecture:  Sigridur Sigthorsdottir of Basalt Architects is the project’s lead architect.  She has worked with Blue Lagoon for almost two decades and is the architect of all Blue Lagoon facilities.

Ms. Sigthorsdottir’s work has been recognized both domestically and internationally for the manner in which it achieves unity with the natural environment: the forms of nature merge with the forms of man.