Beauty Treatments

Blue Lagoon beauty treatments are truly pampering. Select between facials, manicures, pedicures, wax treatments and more. All beauty treatments take place indoors.

Facial Treatments


Blue Lagoon facials are truly pampering. All treatments are based on Blue Lagoon skin care products, which contain the active Blue Lagoon elements: geothermal seawater, minerals, silica and algae. The face care products selected for each treatment strengthen the skin barrier, stimulate collagen production and diminish the signs of aging.

These unique facials rejuvenate the skin, providing essential energy and a healthy glow, and are tailored to different skin types and conditions for your specific needs. Here is an overview of the facials available at Blue Lagoon:

Mineral facial

A beautifying mineral facial that gives a radiant colour while restoring balance to your complexion. Mineral facial includes vaporization and exfoliation, ending with a nourishing mask. Mineral facial is a perfect way to maintain a healthy and youthful glow.

30 min | EUR 55

Miracle facial

This renewing miracle skin care experience keeps the skin supple and firm while stimulating collagen production to improve skin elasticity. It includes cleansing and vaporization followed by a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, finishing off with a miracle mask duo: a silica mud mask and a nourishing algae mask. Leaves the skin smooth and vibrant.

60 min | EUR 70

Luxury facial

Regenerate and restore your skin’s natural luster and youthful vitality with our luxury facial. It includes vaporization, exfoliation and deep cleansing, followed by an extended and relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, and finishes off with a nourishing luxury mask. The treatment maintains a youthful appearance and provides a radiant and healthy glow.

75 min | EUR 80

Deluxe spa facial

Restore vitality and health to your skin with this luxurious beauty treatment. It includes vaporization, exfoliation and deep cleansing, followed by an extended and relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, and finishes off with a nourishing luxury mask. Deluxe spa facial also includes special attention for the feet, including a massage and silica mask, finished off with nourishing Blue Lagoon cream. This is the ultimate pampering experience.

90 min | EUR 110

Volcano facial

An incredibly relaxing facial using warmed stones to melt away facial tension and reduce signs of fatigue and stress. Enjoy all the benefits of our active Blue Lagoon elements, including a cleansing and relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage with algae massage oil, and the warmth of the stones gently penetrating the skin. It also includes pampering for feet, including a massage with warmed stones, a silica mask and, to finish, nourishing Blue Lagoon cream. Volcano facial is the perfect facial to enhance relaxation. 

110 min | EUR 130

Absolute purity

Effective deep cleansing eliminates irritation by freeing the epidermis of impurities. This treatment purifies and dissolves excess sebum to re-establish your skin’s clarity and radiance. It includes vaporization, exfoliation, deep cleansing and a purifying mask. Suitable for mixed and oily skin that needs cleansing. Absolute purity brings out the skin’s inner glow.

60 min | EUR 70

Men’s facial boost

A relaxing and cleansing facial geared to the unique needs of men’s skin, delivering rapid and visible results. Designed to rejuvenate your skin and to counteract skin irritation from shaving. Includes a back, head, neck and shoulder massage to enhance relaxation. The treatment leaves the skin with a clarifying finish. 

For best results, please refrain from shaving 12 hours prior to this treatment.

75 min | EUR 80

Neck, shoulder & head relief

An incredibly relaxing neck, shoulder and head massage using warmed stones to ease the areas where tension is most often found. Feel your shoulders release as your muscles are skillfully massaged using nourishing Blue Lagoon massage oil. This is a short but effective and focused treatment, which can be experienced on its own or as an add-on to any of our other treatments.

30 min ISK 8.000 / EUR 50

Eye renewal

This unique and intensive eye treatment is formulated for the skin’s vital functions and provides powerful, ultra-lifting action with a unique formula of Blue Lagoon’s active ingredients. It reduces fine lines, dark circles and puffiness, leaving the eye contour smooth and firm.

30 min | EUR 50


Other Treatments


Brows and lashes


Eyelashes and eyebrows, shaping and tinting  30 min EUR 30
Eyelashes, tinting 20 min EUR 20
Eyebrows, shaping and tinting 30 min EUR 25
Eyebrows, shaping 20 min EUR 20



Wax treatments


Upper lip 15 min EUR 12
Upper lip and chin 15 min EUR 18
Leg from knee down 30 min EUR 30
Leg from knee down, including bikini line 45 min EUR 40
Entire leg 45 min EUR 43
Entire leg, including bikini line 60 min EUR 45
Bikini line 30 min EUR 20
Back 30 min EUR 30
Underarms area 15 min EUR 20
Arms 30 min EUR 25



Classic Manicure

Classic manicure leaves you with well-maintained hands and nails. A light hand massage makes this treatment a truly pampering experience for all the senses.


Type of treatment
Without polish 45 min EUR 50
With polish 60 min EUR 60
French 60 min EUR 65
LED light nail polish 65 min EUR 70
Express manicure 30 min EUR 40


Deluxe Spa manicure

This signature, deluxe Blue Lagoon treatment for nails, hands and arms, cleanses, exfoliates, boosts and nourishes your skin. It features a combination of mineral body scrub and silica mud mask wrap that strengthens and boosts the skin. The treatment soothes chapped hands and diminishes the signs of aging. This gentle massage is wonderfully pampering. The deluxe treatment leaves your hands and arms feeling clean, energized and nourished.


Type of treatment
Without polish 75 min EUR 90
With polish 90 min EUR 95
French 90 min EUR 100
LED light nail polish 95 min EUR 105


Foot indulgence 

This treatment begins with a footbath followed by an energizing and cleansing foot scrub. Next the skin of your feet is strengthened and softened with a silica wrap. Finally, you finish with a Blue Lagoon signature foot massage. Foot indulgence offers a true pampering in only 30 minutes. 

30 min | EUR 60



Classic pedicure

Feet that are well taken care of provide a feeling of wellness.


Type of treatment
Without polish 60 min EUR 55
With polish 75 min EUR 65
French 75 min EUR 70
LED light nail polish 80 min EUR 75
Express pedicure 30 min EUR 40


Deluxe Spa pedicure

Deluxe spa pedicure is a specially designed, invigorating treatment for swollen, heavy and tired feet and legs. It increases blood circulation, boosts the skin, encourages wellness and total relaxation. This treatment includes a pedicure, foot mask and massage with a nourishing and cooling Blue Lagoon foot cream.

Type of treatment
Without nail polish 90 min EUR 95
With nail polish 105 min EUR 100
French 105 min EUR 105
LED light nail polish 110 min EUR 110

Hand Indulgence

The treatment begins with a hand bath followed by a moisturizing and cleansing scrub. Your hands are then strengthened and softened with a silica wrap. You finish off with a Blue Lagoon signature hand massage. Hand indulgence is a truly pampering experience in only 30 minutes. 

30 min | EUR 60


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Have in mind...

  • Entrance to Blue Lagoon is not included in treatment prices
  • Availability is limited and reservations are therefore strongly advised
  • Please check in at reception 30 minutes prior to your appointment
  • Cancellation rule is 24 hours prior to your appointment without charge
  • Rates are subject to change.