Blue Lagoon Iceland - Press Kit

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Named one of National Geographic’s “25 Wonders of the World,” Blue Lagoon has developed an exclusive range of products and services based on bathing in its geothermal seawater which is known for its healing effect and active ingredients including minerals, silica and algae.


Blue Lagoon’s operation is based on the unique properties of the geothermal seawater, the closed ecocycle it belongs to, and represents an exceptional relationship between nature and technology.The results of this relationship between nature and technology results in a unique experience based on healing power, wellness, and beauty.

The origin of the geothermal seawater is from 2,000 meters beneath the surface. In its travels through porous lava, a blend of sea and fresh water undergoes mineral exchange and then near the surface, concentration occurs, due to vaporization, evaporation and finally, sedimentation. 

The geothermal seawater is led directly from the original source to the lagoons at  the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa and the Clinic where people enjoy relaxing in the geothermal seawater and benefitting from its healing power and active ingredients: silica, minerals and algae


Blue Lagoon  is among Iceland’s most well known and unique attractions. Guests energize in the natural geothermal seawater known for healing power and active ingredients minerals, silica and algae. The lagoon holds six million liters of geothermal seawater all of which is renewed in 40 hours. In addition to relaxing in the lagoon, guests have access to steambaths and sauna. In-water massage and spa treatments are also available.

The company has designed visits with the needs and wishes of different guests in mind. Ranging from Experience Standard that includes entrance to Blue Lagoon and Experience Comfort that includes the use of bathrobes and towels as well as a drink served at the bar in the lagoon itself and the choice of a mask, volcanic scrub or nourishing algae mask. Experience Comfort includes the same items as Experience Comfort in addition to a meal at the Lava restaurant. Experience Luxury designed for those looking for more privacy includes entrance to Blue Lagoon’s Exclusive lounge area. Read more.

Launching a new online pre-booking option as a convenient way for guests to plan ahead is a part of the emphasis on customer experience.


The Exclusive Bath and Lounge is an option tailor made for guests looking for more privacy. The area includes six private changing rooms for 1-2 people and access to a reserved lounge with modern design furniture, a fireplace and a private indoor lagoon with access to the Blue Lagoon. On the second floor, there's an outdoor deck overlooking the lagoon.


The treatments are developed on the site by Blue Lagoon’s experienced team of specialists. The original massage and treatments take place in the lagoon itself under the open air.

All treatments use the active ingredients found in the geothermal seawater, making in-water treatments exclusive to the Blue Lagoon and truly unique. The signature treatments are: silica wrap treatment combined with body and face massage; nourishing and relaxing algae treatment, lava deluxe exfoliation; Silica massage and special deluxe Blue Lagoon massage.

Blue Lagoon Spa treatments are developed in-house by its research & development team, Spa therapists, massagers, esthetics, cosmetology scientist with special knowledge in professional Spa product formulation.


The design of the Blue Lagoon Day Spa in Reykjavík creates a strong connection to the Blue Lagoon’s natural environment.  All guests have access to outdoor saunas, hot tubs with fresh water and geothermal seawater. Light refreshments are available in the sitting are where it is ideal to relax after a rejuvenating at the health club and spa.


The spa treatments offered are based on Blue Lagoon Skin Care and its active ingredients:  minerals, silica and algae. Energizing and Strengthening Silica Treatment is a true pampering while skin is provided with pure Icelandic energy; Nourishing Algae Treatment is a unique treatment that awakens the senses  Relaxing and Rejuvenating Clay Treatment and Massage and Lava Deluxe treatment based on lava dust from the Blue Lagoon‘s environment.

A selection of facials and treatments for hands and feet is also available. The treatments are based on Blue Lagoon´s active elements minerals, silica and algae. Their healing effects and positive effects on skin are well known. Recent studies have shown that Blue Lagoon silica and algae diminish the signs of aging.


Through nature and science Blue Lagoon skin care provides the energy of the Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater. The skin care range was first introduced in 1995. Constant product developments have taken place in recent years and a selection of face and body products are available.

Blue Lagoon’s skin care products are derived from natural elements minerals, silica and algae using scientific methods to combine the properties of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to form a product concept known as “Naturceutical.” 


Blue Lagoon skin care products contain a unique combination of active Blue Lagoon elements.

Blue Lagoon silica: is the Blue Lagoon’s signature ingredient, formed by silica molecules that polymerize into colloids, which finally create the white silica mud seen in the actual lagoon. The silica holds an important role in treating skin conditions. Blue Lagoon’s latest research reveals its skin repair and anti-aging effects.

Blue Lagoon algae
Is only found in the Blue Lagoon’s extreme conditions with high temperatures and salinity. Under these conditions, algae develop skin bioactive molecules. The algae have significant skin protecting and anti-aging effects.

Blue Lagoon minerals
A special mix of seawater and freshwater from deep within the earth create the Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater, which contains a unique combination of pure minerals. Clinical tests prove these natural minerals heal certain skin conditions, and contribute to our well-being.

Sustainable & Green Methods
The Blue Lagoon active ingredients are sustainably sourced at the Blue Lagoon Research and Development Center and production methods are green and environmentally friendly. 


Blue Lagoon’s research laboratories, in cooperation with research consultant Prof. Jean Krutmann, a dermatologist and international expert in Skin Aging Research and Environmental Medicine, have discovered through comprehensive research on the Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater that extracts of its unique components have a powerful action on the skin. 

The most important discoveries are:

- Blue Lagoon filamentous algae stimulate the natural collagen synthesis *
- Blue Lagoon coccoid algae prevent UV-induced degradation of collagen *
- Blue Lagoon silica stimulates the production of various key components of the skin barrier and enhances its functioning*

These elements are important for maintaining the appearance of a healthy, young skin.

Collagen makes up 75% of our skin. It gives the skin strength and durability and is responsible for the smooth, fresh appearance of young and healthy skin. Over time the skin’s natural collagen production slows down and collagen is damaged due to environmental stress factors, i.e.UV-radiation.

A healthy functioning of the skin barrier is important in protecting the skin from disorders such as dryness, inflammation and sensitivity. Damage to the skin barrier can be caused by a variety of environmental stress.

View the full Blue Lagoon skin care line.


Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater is known for its healing effects on psoriasis. Psoriasis treatment has been an integral part of Blue Lagoon’s history from the very beginning as people with psoriasis were among the first ones to bathe in the lagoon and discover its healing power.

The Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment is world unique, NATURAL AND WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS. The treatment has been offered since 1994. Blue Lagoon Clinic, a dermatology research center specializing in the Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment, opened in 2005. The Icelandic Ministry of Health has recognized Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment as an OFFICIAL TREATMENT OPTION. The Icelandic Social Insurance reimburses the treatment cost for Icelandic patients and it is also recognized treatment method in Denmark and in the Faeroe Islands. 

It has been scientifically verified that regular bathing in Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater is an effective treatment for psoriasis. By combining it with UVB light therapy treatment results can be maximized. The research provides the basis for Blue Lagoon's recognition as an officially recognized treatment option.

Each year around 7.000 treatments are provided. The treatment guests are supervised by dermatologists and nurses. Treatment guests represent 20 different countries.

Blue Lagoon has a strategic partnership with the National University Hospital in Iceland and the University for Research and plans to establish more partnerships in the future. Selected research projects have been funded by the Icelandic Centre for Research.


A new Clinic opened in June 2005. Modern look and practical solutions characterize its design.  In 2007 Blue Lagoon Clinic received an award for its architecture from the Association of Icelandic Architects. The Clinic includes a specially designed room for guests to relax in after bathing and light therapy. Massage room and rooms for medical examinations and doctor's appointments are at the site. The hotel part offers 15 double rooms. 

The rooms are well designed and spacious with a private bathroom and a porch. Natural light flows into the building creating a connection with the natural surroundings. Television and Internet access is available in each room. A dining room and a living area, and a fitness room equipped with cardiovascular equipments, weight lifting stations and free weight is at the Clinic. 

Our aim is that our guests not only experience the treatment but also enjoy some of the leisure and entertainment possibilities available. The Clinic's location provides access to different leisure activities on the site and in the neighboring area.

The Lava restaurant and bar is a perfect choice for both individuals and groups.  Blue Lagoon emphasizes customer experience and Lava restaurant is an important part of the experience. The emphasis is on the use of Icelandic ingredients and a touch the new New Nordic Kitchen. 

The restaurant is led by our team of chefs. Viktor Örn Andrésson,Ingi Þórarinsson and Þráinn Freyr Vigfússon. Viktor won the competition chef of the year in Iceland in 2013. He is also a member of Iceland’s National Culinary Team. He has worked as a head chef at Blue Lagoon since 2010 and encompasses a broad work experience in Iceland and abroad. His experience includes working at the Michelin star restaurant Domaine de Clairfonte in Lyon, France.

Thrainn Freyr Vigfússon, captain of the Icelandic Culinary Team, joined Blue Lagoon in September 2013. Thrainn who is among the most talented chefs  in Europe has reached unique results in international culinary competitions. He has worked at the Michelin star restaurant, Domaine de Clairfontane í Lyon, France. In Iceland, he has worked as a sous chef  at the historical restaurant Grillid and head chef at Kolabrautin. 

He reached the seventh place in Bocused‘d Or and silver in an annual competition among Nordic chefs. He won the One World culinary competition in 2008 and was selected chef of the year in Iceland in 2007.


The dynamic natural surroundings convey into the Blue Lagoon’s meeting and conference rooms. There are well designed meeting and conference rooms at the Blue Lagoon and at nearby Eldborg (only 5 minutes drive), also ideal for banquets, and other events.  The location is convenient for meetings and conferences, located only 20 minutes from Keflavík International Airport and 45 minutes from Reykjavík. For a conference, strategic meeting or seminar, Blue Lagoon offers the right place, away from all distractions.


Blue Lagoon's emphasis on architecture and design is an integral part of the    company's strategy.  Sigríður Sigþórsdóttir, Basalt Architects  is the architect of the Blue Lagoon facilities including Blue Lagoon Bath, Blue Lagoon Clinic and Blue Lagoon Spa in Reykjavík. 

Capturing the harmonious links between man and nature is what architect Sigrídur Sigthórsdóttir accomplished with the Blue Lagoon. “I attempted to capture the mystery of the location with the ever changing play of light and shadow across the lava, the steam from the lagoon and the special light that characterizes the northern part of the world,” says Sigrídur, of Basalt Architects, the Reykjavik firm that designed the Blue Lagoon’s facilities. “Pure Icelandic materials from moss and stones characterize the design. We wanted to emphasize the relationship between nature and the man-made,” she says. 

This relationship can be seen the moment a visitor steps out of his car and walks from the parking lot through a 200-meter footpath that cuts through a wall of lava. It’s like descending into a lava maze, guided by nature into the lagoon itself. 

Then there is the lava wall inside the facility (containing about 70,000 pieces of lava), connecting the building with an untouched lava wall that surrounds the steaming waters, providing natural shelter for bathers.

The building’s soft lines blend with the lava, as it opens towards the lagoon absorbing the northern sun hanging low in the winter or rising high during the endless light of summer. From the beginning of the Blue Lagoon project, Sigþórsdóttir’s goal was to “protect the environment and respect its geological history.” The architect certainly succeeded. The building resembles the Blue Lagoon itself: both look as if they were carved from the rugged lava by a dramatic shifting of the earth’s crust, as if they were meant to coexist.

Blue Lagoon Shops

The shops’ design represents a strong connection to the Blue Lagoon’s natural environment. A lava wall is prominent and white and blue colors represent Icelandic nature’s clean energy. A transparent wall with water running through is a subtle reminder of the Blue Lagoon. 

Blue Lagoon shops are located at Blue Lagoon, in Reykjavík city center, at Keflavík International Airport.  Worldwide distribution is through