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Group Booking Terms & Conditions

Below you will find details on a broad spectrum of important topics including booking procedures, changes in booking, force majeure, and cancellations.

These are the General Terms of Service and Cancellation Policy of Blue Lagoon hf. (Blue Lagoon Ltd.), registered at Grindavíkurbraut 9, 240 Grindavík, Iceland.
These terms and policies apply to all guests visiting the Blue Lagoon and the Retreat Spa purchasing their services/products at, hereafter called website.

1. Scope

These terms and conditions apply to bookings for groups with 11 guests or more to the Blue Lagoon, Retreat spa, massage and spa treatments and for Lava Restaurant.

2. Booking procedures

All bookings under these terms for the Blue Lagoon, Retreat Spa, massage and spa treatments and for Lava Restaurant should be made to the Blue Lagoon sales department with an email to the respective account manager or to Once a booking is registered by the sales department the Travel Agent will receive a confirmation email. A booking is not confirmed until Blue Lagoon Ltd has sent a confirmation email to the Travel Agent. Please note that it is the Travel Agent ́s responsibility to give the booking reference and barcode to the guest before the visit. Each booking reference and barcode can only be used once.

All bookings are made at a specific date and time. Should guests arrive outside of the scheduled time the Blue Lagoon cannot guarantee the availability of the booked service.

The Travel Agent is required to ensure prior to the visit that all their guests are made aware of the safety rules and procedures that apply at the Blue Lagoon. These rules are stated in Appendix V and accessible on the Travel Agent ́s dedicated access to the booking system on

3. Booking changes and cancellations

In order to change or cancel a booking under these terms the following restrictions regarding notice period apply:

Number of guests Minimum cancellation notice for Blue Lagoon, Retreat Spa, and massage and spa treatments Minimum cancellation notice for Lava Restaurant
11 - 25 72 hours 72 hours
26 - 50 96 hours 1 week
51 - 100 1 week 4 weeks
101 & more 12 weeks (unless otherwise is stated) 12 weeks (unless otherwise is stated)
Number of rooms Minimum cancellation notice for the Retreat Spa
1 - 3 48 hours
4 - 11 1 week
12 & more 4 weeks

All cancellations should be made in writing to the Blue Lagoon sales department with an email to the respective account manager or to contact@bluelagoon.comstating the booking number as reference. For bookings cancelled with less than the abovementioned notice please note that the full price of the original booking will be charged.

Please note that the abovementioned cancellation notice refers to the booked time of arrival.

4. Force majeure

Blue Lagoon Ltd reserves the right to change or cancel all bookings in the case of unforeseen circumstances which prevent Blue Lagoon Ltd from operating in a regular manner. This applies to situations such as war, rebellion, risk of infectious disease, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or heating service, natural disaster (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane) or any comparable situations. In these cases all booking changes are made in collaboration with the Travel Agent.

5. Liability limitations

Blue Lagoon cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made by the Travel Agent when supplying the information to the Blue Lagoon sales department nor for any potential damages, direct or indirect, relating to such mistakes.

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