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Retreat Hotel

Accessibility at the Retreat

We offer a range of services and facilities for guests with special needs or disabilities. Our staff will provide support as needed, but please be aware of the following items:

We offer disabled parking in the Retreat parking lot. From there, the walk to the main complex takes approximately 2 minutes.

Wheelchair availability
Guests arriving without a wheelchair can borrow one upon request.

Lagoon access
The Retreat Lagoon, which surrounds the Retreat Spa, can be accessed directly with specially designed wheelchairs. The private lagoons at the Retreat Hotel's two Lagoon suites are not wheelchair accessible and require the aid of a personal assistant for accessibility.

The Retreat Hotel
With elevators and electric door openers, the hotel is wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair accessible suites
Special wheelchair accessible suites are available at the Retreat Hotel.

A personal assistant
Guests requiring help in the changing rooms, the spa, the Retreat Lagoon, or the private lagoons at the Retreat Hotel will be provided a special assistant upon request. Please note: a request for an assistant should be made at least two days prior to arrival so that we have enough time to approve and fulfill the request.

Changing rooms
Special wheelchair accessible changing rooms are available at the Retreat Spa. We ask our guests to exercise caution as floors in the changing rooms and around the lagoon may be slippery.

Shower chairs
A shower chair is available upon request. We also have a wheelchair which can be used for entering the Retreat Lagoon. We ask our guests to exercise caution as the floors in the changing rooms and around the lagoon may be slippery.

Lagoon depth
The deepest part of the Retreat Lagoon is 1.25m/4.1ft, but most areas of the water are shallower. However, the bottom of the lagoon can be slippery, making caution an imperative. An overview map, displaying depths and temperatures, is displayed and summarized for all guests with disabilities prior to entering the lagoon.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding accessibility at the Retreat, please contact us at