Accessibility for Disabled

Everyone who visits Blue Lagoon has different needs. Each year, we welcome thousands of guests with special needs or disabilities. Here is an overview on how the accessibility is structured at each section of the Blue Lagoon.


We offer disabled parking in our parking lot, which is a five minute walk from the main building.


The main building is wheelchair accessible, with elevators and electric door openers. Guests with disabilities are offered free entry for their assistants. If you need a wheelchair once you are inside the building, just ask at reception. To read more about accessibility, click here.

Changing rooms

There are separate changing rooms for men and women on the ground floor. These are wheelchair accessible, including the bathrooms and the showers. A special changing room is also available for guests with physical disabilities, offering more privacy, but big enough to be shared with an assistant. This room can also be used for guests with other special needs that require more privacy.

Shower chairs are available upon request. We ask our guests to take care as floors in the changing rooms and around the lagoon may be slippery.

The deepest part of Blue Lagoon is around 1.60m/5.2ft ft but most parts of the lagoon are far more shallow. Take care, the bottom of the lagoon is naturally uneven.

Guests with disabilities have full access to the treatments & massage area and can experience a massage while floating in Blue Lagoon.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding accessibility at Blue Lagoon, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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