Will it be to cold having an in-water treatment during winter?

The Blue Lagoon is just as wonderful during winter as it is in summer.

With fewer daily visitors during this season the atmosphere is calmer and more relaxed. During winter, the temperature may drop just below freezing.

The Blue Lagoon however stays just as warm as usual, around 37-39°C / 98-102°F, no matter the season or the weather, so it is not too cold to bathe in the Blue Lagoon.

The contrast between hot and cold is a fantastic experience and one of the reasons bathing is so popular among Icelanders all year around.

In-water treatments are offered all year around and it is ideal to book a massage or other treatment to complete your spa experience. Massages take place on a foam raft in the lagoon and special blankets are used to keep guests warm, no matter the season.

Off course that could be some days that the weather is really bad and In-water treatments can be affected. We will do our best to let you know in advanc

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