How are the changing facilities and the showers?

There are separate changing rooms for men and women, equipped with electronic lockers and showers.

Upon arrival at The Blue Lagoon you will receive a bracelet that acts as a key to your personal locker: Just chose any open locker, put your clothes and bag inside and follow the instructions about how to lock. Remember to take your swimsuit and towel with you. You can use this bracelet to charge drinks and refreshments during your stay so you won't have to carry money with you.

We kindly ask guests to shower before entering the Blue Lagoon. Use of shower gel and hair conditioner is complimentary.

Icelanders are accustomed to showering naked but you can close the door to your shower cubicle for more privacy. The Exclusive Lounge is part of the Luxury packages and that has private changing rooms for up to two people. 

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