Blue Lagoon

Changing facilities, electronic bracelets, lockers, and showers

There are separate changing rooms—equipped with electronic lockers and showers—for men and women.

Upon arrival at Blue Lagoon, you will receive an electronic bracelet that functions as the key to your personal locker: Just choose any vacant locker, put your clothes and belongings inside, and follow the instructions about how to lock it. Remember to take your swimsuit and towel with you. Your bracelet is also used to charge drinks and refreshments during your visit. Thus, you needn't worry about carrying cash or a credit card. Anything you charge will be paid when you check out.

We kindly ask all guests to shower—without a swimsuit—before entering the Blue Lagoon. Use of shower gel and hair conditioner is complimentary. If you don’t want to shower naked in the presence of strangers, simply close the door to your shower cubicle.