Rooms & Venues

The combination of wonderful views and access to LAVA Restaurant and the bathing lagoon make Blue Lagoon an ideal location.

Blue Lagoon meeting room

The meeting room at Blue Lagoon is on the second floor, offering a spectacular view of the lagoon and its surroundings. Equipped with modern technological equipment and beautifully designed Scandinavian conference furniture, Blue Lagoon is a favourite meeting place for a number of domestic and international firms. The meeting room accommodates up to 90 guests.

Meetings and Relaxation

Combining meetings and relaxation is a key to success. It is delightful to relax in the lagoon and enjoy the unique experience of Blue Lagoon in-water massage. The lagoon's energetic environment stimulates body and mind, sending participants off with new ideas.

LAVA Restaurant

When having a meeting or a conference at Blue Lagoon it is ideal to take a lunch break or end the meeting at the LAVA Restaurant. Group menu is available to make it easier for meeting and event organizers to select the menu for their groups.

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