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Testing and quarantine

As of 19 August 2020, a new regulation regarding travelers arriving in Iceland takes place. This regulation require all visitors to be tested for COVID-19 at the border, spend five to six days in quarantine, and subsequently be tested again. Please keep in mind that these rules are being reviewed regularly, any updates on this will be featured on this site. For further information please review The Icelandic Health Directorate statement.

Blue Lagoon guests

This announcement from the Icelandic Health Directorate is taken in order to prevent further spreading in Iceland.

All visitors to Iceland are required to attend quarantine for four to five days from 19 August. Consequently, guests are not allowed to visit Blue Lagoon during these quarantine days. For regular individual hotel bookings we do not allow overnight stays during quarantine. However, for group bookings or buyouts please contact us at contact@bluelagoon.is. The Icelandic Health Directorate has set up a clear guideline how to behave during quarantine, we recommend all visitors to read these guidelines.

Blue Lagoon Ltd. reserves the right to requests a confirmation from the second COVID-19 testing from the Directorate of Health. For further information regarding COVID-19 updates, please visit covid.is