Valuables & Jewellery

You can store any valuables with the rest of your things in your electronic locker in the changing rooms. Please ensure your locker is properly locked before you walk away. Blue Lagoon is not responsible for any lost valuables.

Remove all jewellery

We recommend that you remove any jewellery (rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) before bathing. Both in order to prevent loss and also because Blue Lagoon’s active ingredients; silica, algae, minerals and geothermal seawater, can accumulate in the jewellery and be difficult to remove.

We recommend that you leave your shoes in your locker.

You can bring your camera into the lagoon with you but we cannot be held responsible for any loss or water damage. Please note that photography is not allowed in or around the changing rooms.

Lost and found

We store lost and found items for 6 weeks. If you’ve lost something, then please contact us at

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