Massage & Treatment Guidelines

Blue Lagoon offers a range of wonderful treatments and massage therapies. Here is an overview of what to have in mind when doing a massage or treatment at the Blue Lagoon.

Timing and prices

Massages are mostly available from 11:00–19:00 daily, although sometimes later. For your own enjoyment, and to avoid delays, we recommend that you check-in at reception 30 minutes before your appointment.

Please note that entrance to Blue Lagoon is not included in treatment prices and that notice for cancellations is 24 hours.

The lagoon’s warm geothermal waters mean that you can enjoy an outdoor in-water treatment. These treatments are offered all year long, but can be cancelled without notice due to weather and/or conditions. Have in mind that weather conditions in Iceland can vary greatly at any given day of the year, hence affecting the experience of the in-water treatment. 

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