Which Blue Lagoon products are recommended for facial psoriasis?

The products we use for psoriasis is the silica mud, mineral salt and then the intensive cream or the moisturizing cream. 

Sometimes we start with the intensive cream and move over to the moisturizing cream when the skin gets better. 

For face: Anti aging day serum/Algae mask for 10-15 minutes every evening. 

Silica bath and body oil for the scalp. Apply before sleeping and let it soak in overnight. 

We recommend using the silica mud and the mineral salts. You rub the silica mud on the patches and blend the mineral salts into the bathtub to soak in. 

After the bath, shower and apply the creams to your skin. 

The product itself lasts for approximately 2 years. The treatment length should take minimum 3-4 weeks. We recommend to do the treatment daily the first week and then 3 -4 times each week after that until the skin is back to normal.

As you know we cannot guarantee the results as it is very individualized from one patient to another what suites him or her the best.

You can order Blue Lagoon products at the convenience of your own home through our skin care shop.


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