Can you recommend any Blue Lagoon products for Keratosis Pilaris?

Since Keratosis Pilaris causes excess keratin to surround and entrap the hair follicles in the pore and more often affects people with dry skin, we can recommend: 

1) Blue Lagoon silica mud exfoliator 

Your benefits:
The natural Blue Lagoon silica mud and the silica granules exfoliate and polish away flaky and dull skin, leaves skin revitalized and smoothed. 

How to use:
Apply to face and body on wet and cleansed skin avoiding the eye contour. Massage very gently with finger tips with upwards movements. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and towel dry your skin.

2) Blue Lagoon mineral intensive cream

Your benefits:
Deeply nourishing, soothing, moisturizing, restores the skin suppleness and comfort, all day long. The formula contains the Blue Lagoon natural minerals.

How to use:
Once or twice a day

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