What day and time of the week tend to be the least crowded?

First of all, the Blue Lagoon is more crowded during the summer months (May - September) than during the winter months. If you are visiting during summer, the late afternoons and evenings are defenitely more suitable if you are looking for more privacy. 

Otherwise, Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend be the least crowded on an all-year basis. If you have a flexible schedule, arriving in the afternoon and staying until closing would most likely be the least crowded time of day.

We can not make any guarantees, some days we get few guests and some days it can get quite crowded, especially when we have large groups visiting Blue Lagoon.

The lagoon is big; you can always find a more secluded spot by wandering further into the lagoon, away from the main building. Relax in the steam bath or sauna, in the cave or spend some time in the Relaxing area.

If you are looking for more privacy you might be interested in the Exclusive Lounge. To guarantee availabi

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