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silica foot & leg lotion

energizes, soothes and moisturizes

Softens, nourishes and rejuvenates legs, all day long. The formula contains the unique Blue Lagoon natural minerals, silica and algae. It's also:

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paraben free

For tired legs.

Texture: Fresh, cool, blue gel.

How to use

Twice a day or whenever needed. 

Blue Lagoon 3-step program

Step 1 - Cleanse: Take a shower with our soap-free algae & mineral shower gel. Rinse and towel dry the skin.

Step 2 - Boost: Mix mineral bath salts with silica energy massage oil and massage feet. Rinse off and towel dry.

Step 3 - Nourish: Apply silica foot & leg lotion from feet to up to above knee, with gentle upwards movements.

Esthetician tips

For tired and irritated feet, we recommend cross-foot bath where the feet are kept in warm (38-40°C) and cold (15-20°C) water. Cross-foot bath increases blood circulation and reduces pain and fatigue in feet. Towel dry and apply silica foot & leg lotion. 

We also suggest using the Blue Lagoon intensive cream (for very dry skin) or the Blue Lagoon algae & mineral body lotion (for normal skin) or the mineral moisturizing cream (for dry skin).