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rich nourishing cream

smoothes, enhances radiance

  • 50 ml
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24 hour cream, suitable for day and night. The cream is developed for normal to dry skin, age 30+, to nourish, moisturize and prevent aging signs. It provides an even complexion and leaves skin smooth with enhanced radiance.

It is based on Blue Lagoon active ingredients; silica and algae. The algae have anti-aging effects on the skin as they both help prevent collagen degradation and encourage the skin‘s own collagen production. The silica helps strengthen the upper skin layer and makes the skin more capable of defending itself against the environment.*
*in vitro and in vivo studies

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paraben free

Texture: Smooth texture that allows direct application of make-up.

How to Use

Apply rich nourishing cream on the face and neck with upwards movements (Avoiding the eye contour). Allows applying make-up immediately afterwards. 

Blue Lagoon 3-step program

  • Step 1 - Cleanse: Morning & evening, cleanse and tone.
  • Step 2 - Boost: Use hydrating 24h serum day and night, or anti-aging day serum during day. As the serum has a very high concentration of Blue Lagoon active ingredients, it gives astonishing results.  
  • Step 3 - Nourish: Apply rich nourishing cream on the face and neck.

Esthetician tips

A dry skin needs lipids and moisture, all day long. The formula must be rich but not oily or sticky to allow applying make-up immediately afterwards. Icelandic women, are very demanding customers, as their skin is exposed often  to rough weather conditions.

Clinical and consumers tests have shown the efficiency of the rich nourishing cream. If your skin is normal, dry or even sensitive, try the new rich nourishing cream and let us know what you think!