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purifying & detoxifying

Leaves skin with smooth, pure and clear complexion.

Blue Lagoon is proud to offer the perfect combo to deep cleanse and clear your complexion. 

The Blue Lagoon cosmetic purse includes balancing oil-free emulsion (50ml) and our signature product, the silica mud mask (30ml), as a gift with purchase. Together, the products help prevent blemishes, diminish pores and give smooth, pure and clear complexion. The white silica also strengthens the skin‘s natural barrier function.

How to use

  • Begin your beauty routine, 2x – 3x a week, by applying silica mud mask on clean skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off.
  • Follow by applying small amount of balancing oil-free emulsion. Use the emulsion daily, am and pm, or as needed.