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beautifying body

nourishes, firms, revitalizes

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Enjoy the gentle texture of the algae & mineral body lotion and a gift with purchase algae & mineral shower gel (30ml) and algae & mineral body scrub (30ml).

Algae & mineral body lotion is based on Blue Lagoon active ingredients: algae, silica and minerals. The lotion beautifies, firms and maintains the skin‘s moisture balance. Research has shown that Blue Lagoon algae have significant protecting and anti-aging effects. The Blue Lagoon silica helps to strengthen the skin‘s natural barrier function. 

The beautifying body set comes in a Blue Lagoon gift box.

How to use

The beautifying body routine:

  • Daily, in the shower, apply a small amount of algae & mineral shower gel or algae & mineral body scrub, and massage gently with upwards movements. Rinse thoroughly.

  • After shower, apply algae & mineral body lotion all over the body with upwards movements to stimulate the blood circulation.