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algae & silica hand cream

nourishes, protects, smoothes

The cream is rapidly absorbed, the skin is supple, nourished, comfortable. Long lasting effect. The formula contains Blue Lagoon natural minerals, geothermal seawater, silica and algae. Diminishes signs of aging, helps reducing dark spots. Strengthens nails.

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paraben- and colour free

For all skin types, dry and chapped hands.

Texture: Creamy, but not sticky. Not oily.

How to use

As often as required.

Blue Lagoon 3-step program

Step 1 - Cleanse: At night, cleanse hands using algae & mineral shower gel.

Step 2 - Boost: Mix mineral bath salts with silica energy massage oil and massage hands. Rinse off and towel dry.

Step 3 - Nourish: Apply algae & silica hand cream, and massage gently into hands. 

Esthetician tips

Hard water, harsh climate and washing  hands several times a day makes the skin dry, very dry. Also, aging signs show quickly.

The Blue Lagoon hand cream is very effective, strengthens the nails and helps prevent dark spots.