From Korea to Blue Lagoon for the Psoriasis Treatment

Blue Lagoon Clinic attracts psoriasis patients from around the world.   Rick Kim  is a native of Korea and has lived in  Shanghai during the last 10 years. He spent two weeks at the Blue Lagoon Clinic in the beginning of the the year.

Rick Kim at Blue Lagoon Clinic

Rick Kim at Blue Lagoon Clinic 

Searched the Internet for the Worlds top 10 Psoriasis Treatments

Rick found the Blue Lagoon psoriasis treatment by searching the interent  for the Worlds top 10 psoriasis treatments. He found the Blue Lagoon treatment and a little later he arrived in Iceland with his wife who stayed with him the first few days.„It is a long journey from Shanghai to Iceland", Rick said but the travel also has its advantages. „My wife and I travelled via London and used the opportunity to spend a few days in the city. This was my first visit to Europe since 1990 and it is great to be able to combine vacation and the treatment. I travel through Paris when I come back next year.

Psoriasis is stress related and it is important to allow one time to relax Rick says. „The location is one of the advantages of the treatment and it is also very valuable to have the opportunity to spend time with other people with psoriasis. I did choose the intensive treatment which provides greater result in a shorter period of time than the traditional treatment. „The treatment results have exceeded by expectations, and I will be back next year. My wife will then accompany me and hopefully our son as well. He is only three months old now and is too young to travel this far now,“  Rick said.

Rick was already familiar with Iceland through his work as head of the online computer game company Tian City in Shangahai. „ We focus on online games and have worked with the Icelandic online Game Company CCP,“ Rick said.

In addition to the positive results of the treatments Rick says it has been nice to have the opportunity to see Iceland. " I did visit the HS Orka Power plant located near the Blue Lagoon and have had the chance to visit the local municipalities - Grindavík and Reykjanesbaer. On a recent visit to Reykjavík I had dinner at restaurant Þrír Frakkar where we had great seafood and I visited the new Harpa Music and Conference Hall where we did marvel at the architecture, " he said at the end pleased with his first visit to Iceland.