Blue Lagoon Chill

Blue Lagoon Chill featuring DJ Margeir along with Daníel Ágúst and Human Woman is one of the most unique of the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, attracting local and international guests of the music festival. In addition to guests of the festival a number of international media attends Blue Lagoon Chill. Blue Lagoon has been a partner of Iceland Airwaves from the beginning and this is the 12th Blue Lagoon Chill event to take place. The program starts at 13.30 on Saturday, October 15.

Blue Lagoon Soundtrack by DJ Margeir has been sold in 5000 copies and will receive a Gold Record. The Gold Record will be presented at the Blue Lagoon Chill Iceland.

The cooperation between DJ Margeir and Blue Lagoon started about 10 years ago when Margeir first played for for Blue Lagoon guests at the Blue Lagoon Chill party – an annual event of the Iceland Airwaves music festival. Soon the idea of a CD with music appropriate for the Blue Lagoon‘s natural environment was conceived. The collection is selected to capture the natural mistique of Blue Lagoon that can be described as a unique harmony between nature and science.

Margeir Ingólfsson (DJ Margeir) says that it has been a pleasure following the sales of the CD. „It is rather unusual that a CD of this type reaches this sales volume,“ he says, Höskuldur Höskuldsson, product director of Sena music division, says that the success of the CD is a testomony of an excellent cooperation between two strong brand names – DJ Margeir and Blue Lagoon.

Magnea Guðmundsdóttir, Blue Lagoon‘s director of public relations says that in his choice of music and implementation Margeir succeeds in creating a strong experience connected to Blue Lagon. As stated in Margeir‘s description of the collection his aim is to communicate the Blue Lagoon mystique. The success of the CD shows that he has reached his objective.